PoINT Storage Manager

The PoINT will take part for the first time software & Systems GmbH this year as an exhibitor at SNW Europe. Siegen. Under the motto efficient tiered storage management and archiving”, the company at booth 102 presents his PoINT Storage Manager. This is an innovative software solution, with the companies with permanent data availability can realize an intelligent and effective storage management. Basis for this is a multi tier storage architecture, the integration of various technologies (hard disk, tape, optical) allows.

Can data, not permanent access must are, rule-based and transparent to the user and by a performance-optimized Tier1 3 memory paged memory to a cost-effective tier 2 or tier applications and be replaced by links. In addition to falling storage costs at the same time more effective utilization of existing storage hardware, companies benefit by them meet compliance requirements without any additional effort. The PoINT that supports Storage Manager Multi tier storage architecture and migrated data, taking into account their status automatically to the appropriate storage tier. The tiered storage concept offers the advantage that the various technologies (hard disk, tape, and optical) can be set independently optimally. Because migrated files must be secured again they are already redundant laid out second-level store will backup both space saved (for example, by less necessary tapes) as also the time shortened.

The product supports file systems and appliances (such as NetApp FAS) and offers network-wide HSM functionality with the proven PoINT Tiered archive file system (PoINT TAFS”). This HSM functionality allows you to keep active data on the fast disk storage systems, but to oust inactive data on inexpensive mass storage such as tape and to replace with a link (reparse point”). The different technologies (hard disk, tape, and optical) in their realisations than, NAS or SAN Memory are optimally employed according to their technical capabilities and virtualized. Transparent on the multi-tiered storage system is accessed through the tier 1 storage and via a standard file system (CIFS).