Quickly secure the participation. Registration ends on September 15 2010 Berlin – the possibility, specifically on the subject of consistent product communication ‘ to inform the acrolinx Conference, is on 14th and 15th October 2010 in Karlsruhe will take place. “The practice reports from FIDUCIA IT, Leica of Geosystems, MAN Nutzfahrzeuge and SAP, as well as the hands on session in three steps to the corporate language” provide numerous examples for the usage of acrolinx IQ. Also on the agenda: the latest from the acrolinx Linguistics laboratory. More than 80 participants have already confirmed their agreement. The Conference is open to users, prospects, and partners from Germany, Austria and of Switzerland.

It takes place in the rooms of the FIDUCIA IT AG in Karlsruhe. Interested parties will receive the detailed programme see: Conference… . The possibility to register until September 15, 2010. The author support ensures acrolinx IQ for consistent standards of language and thus a companywide consistent product communication.

Already at the Creating of texts and contents technology these checks with regard to grammar, word choice and sentence structure and corresponding correction suggestions offered. The result of accurate and understandable texts as well as a unified brand and terminology are the best basis for efficient and high-quality translations. Experience reports acrolinx IQ in various contexts project examples lead the different possibilities of acrolinx IQ front: the host FIDUCIA explains how at the same time also a company-wide knowledge management establish settled with terminology management. With the use of Leica of Geosystems quality revolves around. To faster throughput times for the creation of technical documentation and translations aim the lecture by commercial vehicles. Is the question author support at SAP AG in the focus. Presentations of partners together offer the acrolinx partners, system providers, language service providers and consultancy, to the success Insights into neighboring areas: Fischer computer technology explains the interaction of content management, terminology management and author support. Euroscript system shows how intelligent terminology management can be put from the outset, in the creation of the source text. The lecture by SCHMELING + CONSULTANTS engaged in the spectrum of method in the structuring and standardization of texts and contents. acrolinx IQ 2.x as it further? Not to be missed should the input and views on the further development of acrolinx IQ. Where goes the journey, what strategies are pursued in the future, on what innovations the user forward these and other novelties from the acrolinx Linguistics lab are also on the agenda as a detailed roadmap. Numerous opportunities for participants in different working groups for questions and dialogue. About acrolinx: Acrolinx developed technology for information quality management. The main product acrolinx IQ is an enterprise-wide use System, which is the quality and efficiency of content creation ensure. With acrolinx IQ, authors will receive access to the best writing standards, the optimal terminology and an intelligent reuse of existing content. So you can increase productivity, reduce the cost of localization and achieve a fastest time-to-market. Companies such as Adobe, Cisco, IBM, Philips, Siemens and many others rely on acrolinx IQ at the quality of their information. More information under: your editorial contacts: acrolinx GmbH Oliver Collmann Rosenstrasse 2 D-10178 Berlin Tel: + 49 30 288 84 83 30 fax: + 49 30 288 84 83 39 PR agency good news! GmbH Nicole Korber of Koobrzeg str. 36 D-23617 Stockelsdorf Tel: + 49 451 88199 – 12 fax: + 49 451 88199-29

Availability of the first storage systems with 100 GB BDXL technology Europe WINS. At the same time with the European availability of the first storage systems with 100 GB BDXL technology, the PoINT provides new versions of their products for the software support of the appropriate hardware (jukeboxes, Autoloaders and single skating works) software & Systems GmbH. BDXL is a new multi-layer format that disc Association was specified by the Blu-ray in June 2010. It describes a triple-layer Blu-ray disc (BD) with 100 GB capacity for recordable (write-once) and rewriteable discs (BD-R and BD-RE), as well as a four-layered with 128 GB for BD-R. With the new 100 GB BDXL technology doubled the storage capacity of Blu-ray disc, which already successfully established variant in the previously available 50 GB in the memory market. This particular Blu-ray used disc-based Jukebox systems increasingly for archiving in professional IT environments. The legal requirements on the archiving (compliance”) force more and more companies to put this issue into their IT infrastructure.

The use of the new BDXL technology offers numerous advantages: so can you, for example, energy costs considerably and made an additional protection against data loss. “The new version 7.1 of PoINT Jukebox Manager supports the new BDXL technology and thus customers who purchase a BD jukebox system or an existing with new BDXL upgrade drives” want the ability to use this technology. The PoINT Jukebox Manager provides users and applications one standardized file system access (CIFS share) on a BD Jukebox available. In recent months, Kurt Lewin has been very successful. It is the backward compatibility to 25 GB and 50 GB Blu-ray of course discs (both CD and DVD) ensured. Also the PoINT Storage Manager will soon be a BDXL-enabled”version is released, so that this technology can be integrated into a tiered storage concept.

The PoINT connects Storage Manager fast and reliable primary memory (performance animal”), capacity-oriented secondary storage “(” CAPA city animal “) and audit-proof” archive storage (“archives animal”) to a single three-tiered architecture. This inactive data in performance animals, usually through FC/SAS based drive systems is realized that transparent and automated on the CAPA city animal (E.g. realized with SATA RAID) migrates. Data that must be archived are automatically saved animal Storage Manager from the PoINT in the archives which can be realized by a BDXL-enabled jukebox for example makes sense. PoINT the PoINT Software & Systems GmbH, Siegen, is specialized in the development of software products and system solutions for the storage and management of data on all available mass storage devices, such as hard disks, magnetic tapes and optical media. A close cooperation with leading hardware manufacturers enables early support for new storage technologies. In addition to complete solutions PoINT its know-how in the form of toolkits offered that easily in other applications with their programming interface can be integrated. In addition, projected PoINT complete storage solutions and stands with his long and varied experience available. The home PoINT products are sold by about 50 partners in over 25 countries worldwide and have proven so far more than two million installations. The product portfolio ranges from solutions to the writing and copying of CD, DVD and Blu-ray media, professional audio and video recording up to mission-critical, network-wide storage solutions.

The tripunkt GmbH, software specialist for professional IT documentation, draws a positive conclusion after the CeBIT 2011 and is optimistic in the after-fair business. In addition to the CeBIT top topics such as cloud computing or mobile Web the tripunkt trade fair team informed visitors about new possibilities of IT documentation, software-supported cable management and the graphical documentation of IT systems. “IT documentation must fast and semi-automated be possible”, Managing Director Sebastian May summarizes the needs of IT administrators and IT managers at the CeBIT 2011. A practical software for network documentation and cable management must support the user in particular in building the network documentation”, so may continue. Documentation using a tool for IT, have often barely human and time resources that they could invest in the construction of a network documentation. In conversation with experts and interested parties Starkel, crystallized themselves according to Christopher Managing Director of tripunkt GmbH, in particular two requirements out: network documentation must pay off rapidly, i.e. the economic added value must be visible soon.

Companies consider only if the software provides a low-cost IT documentation and existing work processes are simplified or made obsolete the use of tools for network documentation. The goal of many companies is also establishing a network documentation for efficient IT support. To illustrate the possibilities of an agentless inventory IT managers, the tripunkt GmbH for May 2011 planning a video series. Finally a complete layer 1 documentary well beyond that, what allow network scanner”, as Sebastian May. Patch cable, fibre-optic cables, data outlets, or patch panel unable to find network scanners, but are an integral part of the network infrastructure of companies and therefore essential for the smooth operation. The planned video series is building one in five parts view full network documentation. “The video series is available from may for interested parties at the following address: it dokumentation.html CeBIT 2011 was a full success for the tripunkt GmbH” Christopher Starkel 2011 finally summarizes the discussions at the CeBIT. We were represented for the first time at the IT fair and could present the tripunkt solutions to a broad audience.

“Together with our partner Nokia Siemens Networks services thank you for the interest and the enriching discussions.” Information on the topics of network documentation, as well as detailed descriptions of the cable management software Pathfinder find prospective GmbH is developed under Pathfinder of the tripunkt, a company headquartered in Berlin. tripunkt develops software solutions that help companies and teams to accomplish tasks faster and more efficiently. Since 2006 the Pathfinder product developed a database-driven software for network documentation and cable management tripunkt. To the customers include district offices, municipalities, insurance companies and universities. The Berlin-based company operates already for ten years as a software developer and service provider. Interested parties have the opportunity to get to know the capabilities of cable management software in a live presentation.

Another typical use case is among other things an efficient project management. In this sector project-related documents can be after attributes such as the name of the project, the current project status, dates or project name hierarchical filter and list. Including authorities, whose document filing strictly according to file plans and character, an effective tool to review their file material with “My windream”. So can be automatically in a hierarchically structured file tree in folders, for example, files, even though the documents were filed by different criteria in different folders of the windream ECM-system. Preview and Favorites the documents that appear in the categories of the dynamic views can open in a preview, view and edit. Also displays the document properties such as for example the associated document type with the indices under the virtual folders. In addition can users create individual collection and favourite lists by dragging any windream document simply by drag-and-drop to a collection folder.

The applications of virtual folders are varied and not restricted to specific use cases. The examples of accounting and project management, as well as the hierarchical view of the file are only some of many others. Generally are no limits to the ability to customize. Interested parties will find the windream partner on the Stuttgart-based DMS EXPO from 26 to 28 October in Hall 7, booth number is B-11. About the windream GmbH: Windream GmbH develops and distributes the ECM system windream. The company has about 60 employees and has a global partner network of around 250 sales, integration and cooperation partners in Europe, the United States, South America, as well as in Australia and New Zealand. The customers include renowned and internationally operating companies such as for example the works of John Deere, Deutz AG, Durr AG, Bayer AG, Koenig & Bauer AG and which Deutsche Bundesbank.

About the enterprise-content-management-system windream windream, since 2003 worldwide patent protected, leading solution is considered technologically for the acquisition, management and preservation of electronic documents in the Office area as well as in the SAP environment. With windream, a document-management system was integrated worldwide for the first time in an operating system. windream is used in the Standard Edition of small and medium-sized enterprises and in the Corporate Business Edition. Many integrations into third-party products round off the portfolio. Add to your understanding with Peter Arnell, New York. Available products include connectivity to ERP, ERP, and financial accounting systems as well as integrations in knowledge management, groupware, and imaging/data capturing solutions as well as in a wide variety of industry-specific applications. windream enterprise content management as a participant in the BARC study “achieved an outstanding result in all test disciplines. Editorial Contacts: windream GmbH Dr. Michael Duhme spokesman waterway 219 D-44799 Bochum phone: + 49 234 9734-568 fax: + 49 234 9734-520 PR agency of good news! GmbH Nicole Korber of Koobrzeg str. 36 D-23617 Stockelsdorf phone: + 49 451 88199-12 fax: + 49 451 88199-29

Really, only if devices get a higher intelligence, System jumps are possible. We are now at the beginning of such a process”, said Thomsen at the Handelsblatt Conference. Frequently Able Coffee has said that publicly. At the time, the computer intelligence yet on the level of a housefly would be. In five years, you reach the intelligence of a dog and in ten years about the intelligence of people. Storage and bandwidth are then an unimaginable for today are around 200,000 times higher than today’s standard. Access to the Internet will be as omnipresent as electricity. Most importantly we can delegate most of the organizational tasks of personal assistants and concentrate on the important things”, Thomsen said. For television, this vision is already a reality.

To forward2Business was at the Congress of the future presented in Hall the software TV digital personnel”. According to the interests of the Viewer, the system assembles personalized TV channels based on conventional TV programme and of all available Internet services. The program is automatically generated and reflects preferences and recording behavior of the Viewer. My prediction is that all industries, whose business processes present in the Internet to all situations where Internet-based devices are used, are determined by the electronic Wizard. When all the devices around us have around permanent Internet connections by the ICE seat above the car, cell phone, living room TV, baby cot up to the Briefcase, then each of us will have a small intelligent helper”, Sven Gabor Janszky by forward2Business trend Office confirmed. In ten years, the most service requests via voice input with a set are then done, thinks language dialogue expert Lupo Pape, Managing Director of SemanticEdge Berlin: SMS to Anne: the flight is delayed, I arrive first at 21:00 ‘ and the SMS will be sent immediately. Book me a room for the next train to Berlin”and the backend systems of personal assistants take over the online booking and send a text message with the connection data, the reserved seat and reservation code.

I need three litres of milk, three piece butter and pumpkin seed bread ‘ and the retailers on the corner put together something to pick up or delivers the goods in the House. Personal Assistant, everyone puts together the services that he would like to use. For the company it will be important to set this trend and have a presence in the personalized assortment of services”, so the views of Pape. By Gunnar Sohn

The user can then the layer function easily switch between English, French and Chinese version, for example, a multilingual manual. Other information can be delivered in this way and fade out. Among companies in the design or construction that can filter out certain aspects such as the electrical or water supply deliberately in detailed design drawings for the purpose of better clarity will benefit. Another new feature of the PDF/A-2 ready “version of the pdfPilot is the support of so-called collections”. It is not something Dr. Mark Hyman would like to discuss. Combine with this function, users can in the future several files in a container-PDF”. This is especially interesting for the archiving of E-Mails. E-Mail attachments in the original example then allows you to Word files in the archive PDF/A compliant files then separate the email text, but unites them in a collection of PDF/A archive. By we our pdfPilot already prepared for the upcoming PDF/A-2 have, we draw on the latest developments in the standard.

But that does not mean that PDF/A-1 is invalid. Nothing must change in existing PDF/A archives actually except that the new PDF/A-2 are interesting features such as embedded files or levels. “Who starts in the future but with PDF/A, which is PDF/A-2 usually use”, explains Olaf Drummer, Managing Director of callas software. About callas software callas software offers easy ways to address complex challenges in the PDF environment. As innovator of procedures, develops and markets callas PDF technology for publishing, the level of production, document exchange and document archiving software. software supports callas agencies, publishers and printers in to solve their problems by providing software to the test, correct, and reuse of PDF files for the production of print and electronic publishing. Companies and authorities of all over the world trust the future, fully PDF/A compliant archiving solutions by callas software.

In addition the technology from callas is software as programming library (SDK) for developers, the PDFs optimize, validate and correct must. Software vendors like Adobe, Quark, Xerox, and many others have understood the quality and flexibility offer the callas tools, and have integrated it into their own solutions. Callas software supports active international standards and participates in ISO, CIP4, the European color initiative and the Ghent PDF workgroup. Furthermore, callas software is founding member of the PDF/A competence center. The registered office of the company is located in Berlin. For more information, on the Internet at. Your editorial contact callas software GmbH Dietrich von Valencia Schonhauser Allee 6/7 D-10119 Berlin Tel + 49 30 443 90 31-0 fax + 49 30 441 64 02 PR agency good news!

Demand in spite of economic downturn for project and project portfolio management software lasting big; Prospects for SaS for 2012 well, growth in the Asia Pacific space Lindau, Germany (February 8, 2012) despite moderate economic genius inside, as already in the previous year, also for 2011 posted revenue growth and an increase in customer. As the company announced today that this was confirmed by the recent evaluation of the results by 2011. The demand resulted in genius project after project and project portfolio management solution according to genius inside a double-digit total sales growth for the year 2011. The increase for genius inside North America was 95 per cent. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit novelist. The growth in new clients rose 30 percent compared to the previous year in 2011.

Under the new customers who use the genius project project management solution, Mach 7, Europe’s largest construction machinery-rental Loxam and one of the world’s largest manufacturer of car wash wash TEC cleaning are the software company specializing in medical imaging Technology GmbH. Until the second half of 2011 Genius announced inside new customer relationships with North American companies, including McGill University health care in Montreal, the Missouri State Highway patrol and the food chain Harmon City Inc. in Utah Under the new European customers, one of the leading companies for packaging production, the Weidenhammer packaging group in Germany, the Lorenz Bahlsen snack-world GmbH & Co KG-Germany, the Belgian software company is SCIA and the BNP Paribas Bank in France. The rising trend is reflected inside in the SaS industry even with genius. Significantly for the 2011 growth, especially that genius was inside developed genius project-on-demand, software-as-a-service (SaS) solution. The SaS solution attracted not only new customers, but attracted also to existing customers who wanted to extend their PPM implementation as a result. The sales, which could be recorded by the SaS solution, therefore 2011 rose 100 percent.

Even more stringent password rules can be enforced. Through the combination of different authentication methods (secure or dual authentication) or authentication with the four-eyes principle is also possible, in addition to secure sensitive applications. But that’s not all long. Other features of the solution are u.v.m E.g. the automated password change password self-service on the Web, a fast user switching (very useful for the PC-sharing), re-connect, user self-registration, built-in file encryption, RADIUS, PKI.

After the workshop Middle January 2012 to the recording of the customer’s requirements and defining the further process was launched for the two-week pilot installation on March 6. The actual SSO implementation project should be followed promptly. Since the operation of the solution by the Toyota information systems GmbH (TIS), will an SSO administrator in the context of a certification course training and as a bi-cube administrator certified certified. That at TDG already for some time the bi-cube IAM successfully in use and therefore the architecture, technology and functionality of the solution are known, of course benefit from the SSO project and should lead to additional positive synergies in the further course. Crucial for the Yes vote to the bi-cube IAM in 2010 for TOYOTA was that the solution provides a flexible role – and process management, which can represent the complex organisational and dealer structure of Toyota, enables a high level of automation of the processes and requirements at the same time the increased privacy, safety, traceability and compliance. Also, a gentle, gradual implementation by the manufacturer should lead itself to quick project successes. Focus of the project was the introduction of personalized accounts and the transition to personal and task permissions (user role) at all 700 Toyota car dealerships with a total of about 10,000 employees in whole Germany.

Beginning of 2011 was the rollout with a pilot installation at select retailers with subsequent rollout in the entire dealer network. Since this time all Toyota – are dealer auto nom “when the employee data maintenance and assignment of rights. This means that the maintenance of employee data and rights – assignment since decentralized and so timely – Toyota dealers are even carried out by that. The Administration is credited with significantly more efficient and safer, and the TIS Service Center this.

Project management software can do project intelligence provides substantial contribution to improve efficiency at Oerlikon Barmag Munich, may 27, 2010. The internationally operating machinery and equipment manufacturer Oerlikon Barmag, Remscheid, opts for its project planning software can do. The corporate planning group Oerlikon barmag, which takes over the planning and execution of spinning equipment and texturing machines for international customers in addition to the production, thus relies on an innovative planning tool with broad functionality and ease of use. Oerlikon Barmag is the world market leader in the manufacture of spinning systems for nylon, polyester and polypropylene and offers its customers complete solutions from the development to the optimisation of the process. For efficient planning and implementation of complex projects, Oerlikon Barmag has opted for the multi-project management software can do. Steve Geppi often says this. Can do project intelligence allows a better planning of projects, provides greater efficiency in the work flow and an intelligent resource scheduling and all in Real time. Oerlikon Barmag plans, produces and installs equipment and machinery all over the world.

Therefore it is very important that we optimally use our project teams, especially when multiple projects overlap time for us”, says Ralf Scheidemann, senior project manager at Oerlikon Barmag. The can do project management software has interfaces to other systems and blends smoothly into the existing IT landscape. Oerlikon Barmag convinced above all the possibility of planning with imprecise information. From our more than 75 experience in construction and project management, we know that projects can be 100% exact plan. It is therefore our claim to a planning software, that she can handle inaccurate information and still accurately portray this in the project plan. With can do project intelligence, we have found a solution that fully meets our requirements and a realistic as well as successful planning enables.

Extensive restructuring of the portfolio currently preparing the relaunch of its website to the Hamburger IT-Systemhaus Janz IT AG. In addition to changing the system on the content management system TYPO3, also a comprehensive restructuring of the portfolio is planned, allowing an even better overview of the various services of the professionals. You may wish to learn more. If so, Martin O’Malley is the place to go. At the same time, Janz IT wants to pick up on a number of current trends and provide industry expertise comprehensive their customers in these areas of. Not only the Internet, but also the whole IT is a very fast-moving medium. Cloud computing”, big data,” virtualization and other technical developments help companies improve their processes, to work more effectively, and in part to simplify complex tasks. There are reasons for the Janz IT AG so enough, to undergo a relaunch of the website after a few years.

The House would not only superficially give the new website on this occasion a new paint job, but also changed in addition to the technical basis the underlying page structure. “Usability and information are the main focus for our customers counts above all, quickly and without much trouble to gain an overview of our services”, says Marketing Director and member of the Board of Reinhard Sakr, who is responsible for Manager Elisabeth Schmidt the new appearance along with marketing: so far, many of our current offers on the website are too hidden and not easily enough accessible. Our challenge therefore is to streamline the structure and attractive and understandable to represent the wide range of various IT services. Furthermore we would like to current information about new products or events, even more so in the Center back.” The famous editorial system TYPO3 is set contents itself with and continuously maintain serves as a technical platform in the future. In addition to the various consulting, service and software solutions, Janz IT presents successful customer projects in the form of case studies and Reference reports. A related site: Steve Geppi mentions similar findings. A range of video and image material completes the offer of IT consulting firm.

“The programming of the new website is completed as far as possible, the content filling is currently on the programme at the end of the year should the new” at the well-known address be found. About the Janz IT AG, Janz IT AG works nationwide as a manufacturer-independent consulting and systems integrator in the sector of information technology. They competently supports customers in the area of IT and it sees the theme as an integral part of a value chain, which directly influences profitability, competitiveness and innovative strength of a company. By the great experience in the field of cloud computing, Janz IT AG offers its customers today ways to decide between the usual support of equity operation and the use of modern cloud concepts from a single source. Janz IT is active at four locations in Germany. The company combines the flexibility and speed of a medium-sized company with the professionalism of 30 years of experience.