Crankshaft speed at which the possible launch of a diesel engine, called the launcher. The value of starting rotation frequency depends on the design of diesel engines and fuel equipment, agility, methods and conditions carburetion, fuel, diesel and thermal state of the environment, wear of cylinder bushings, piston rings and other factors. Serviceable low-speed engine start up for 2-6 sec for achieving the frequency rotation 170-250 min 1, and High-speed – 400-500 min-1 (6chnsp18/22-DALDIZEL) Marine engines allowed manually, an electric starter or by using compressed air. Manual start lever, attached to the crankshaft, apply only a small diesel engine with a capacity of up to 19 kW. Electric start up in the main auxiliary vessel diesel generators. The principal difference lies in the design of the launching device, design features fuel system, the method of forming a fuel-air mixture and its ignition and combustion. The four – stroke marine diesel engine, such as diesel production plant 6CHNSP 18/22 'DALDIZEL'Smes formed in the swirl chamber and the cylinder is burning of fuel. In the ship's two-stroke diesel engines operating on heavy fuel, fuel injection equipment has a heating system and cooled nozzle flow starting air is slow and measured separately.

At the end of compression, when the air in the combustion chamber is heated to a temperature of 700-800 grams. C, the combustion chamber nozzle, high pressure (10-30 MPa), fuel injection, which almost instantly ignites spontaneously. Most of the main marine diesel engines equipped air starting system. Some of them have as a backup, and electric starting. To reduce energy costs for start-up and to accelerate the first outbreaks of fuel for ships of the cooling system is not continuously running diesel engines before starting the fill with hot water and oil in the crankcase is heated by special heaters. Diesel engines with two-chamber mixture formation for igniting the fuel at the least possible starter cranking speed equipped with special glow plugs, heated air is let to enter into the cylinders. In the presence of cameras burning hot coils facilitated the emergence of the first outbreaks. Some diesel engines to reduce drag unwinding of the crankshaft equipped decompression devices that tell the cylinders Diesel with the atmosphere and reduce the work on compressed air.