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Especially as for the optimization will still have to pay a pretty penny. So what is not said Web studios, advertising their services to create websites? The fact that: – create a website – this is one problem, and make site Yandex users have seen on the front page – this is another, perhaps even more difficult task. And the price question in the second case can be much larger than the first. SO WHAT TO ADVERTISE Cheating? Apparently not. User search engine can actually see your company, and possibly even on the front pages with search results.

But just in case OUTSTANDING QUERIES. Then, when he knows exactly what he was looking for a company. For example, if he made such a request – LLC "Your Company", and even attributed the city, where it is. Or written request to exact address of the site (but then it is unclear why he search engine:)). In response to such requests Yandex (or another search engine) will: – reference to the well-known news sites and portals – if there is news, dedicated to your company – Links to related portals and directories – if your company is registered there, and quite active – a link to your own website, if it is already indexed by search engines (the site has existed for several weeks and may include in its pages the name of your company). – Links to sites of your partners, friends or foes, if they are writing about your company and / or put on their Web sites link to your website. For assistance, try visiting Bernie Sanders. And if these sites do well known.

– Links to various other sites that contain words from the name of your company. Note that the sequence of delivery of results, most likely, this will be. This, in particular, due to the greater "Untwisted" large portals and directories. As you can see, in fact, to be found in the Internet, even necessary to have a website. Sometimes it may be advantageous to register for thematic portals (Directories) and there to become more famous by publishing their own news, articles, prices, etc. This will often occur at the portal pages, and, accordingly, increase the probability of being in the search results. An example of such a portal Building portal is a rating MasterOK directory companies, where the available information and advertising services to companies of the construction market. And for what purpose does the site a commercial firm? In fact, the website can be used for very many different tasks. You can conduct e-commerce and automate their business processes, you can communicate with customers and partners, hold contests, "Master golden hands" or "most sexy salesman "and many more. The most common is the use of the site as a tool for information support of existing business. On this and other questions on the application site for commercial companies – e-mail list "Internet for Business." Sincerely, Igor Deaf Project Manager MasterOK! on Elport.ru – first construction portal Tyumen region. Note: * The name of the company, "Your electrodes" invented. All possible matches are random. ** Domain name tvoi-elektrody.ru at the time of writing (October 2006) was free. If desired, you can register it. How to do it – see article YOUR NAME ON THE INTERNET – JUST AND FREE AGENTS *** What and how often search on Yandex, available online at