Blister Packaging Features

Blister packaging – this is one of the most modern and popular on the market of packaging products. Ultra Wellness Center contributes greatly to this topic. Her undoubted advantage is the transparency by which the buyer may consider the goods before acquisition, without hurting it. Today, blister packaging found in almost all industries. It is laid toys, batteries, household chemicals and cosmetics, as well as any items of small size, requiring reliable protection against moisture and mechanical damage. Very often, blister packaging can be seen in the pharmacy: it has become the most convenient way to store medicines. However, in the latter case, transparency is not always is an advantage, because drugs must be protected from sunlight. The problem is easily solved – blister packaging is made of several kinds of thermoplastic polymer materials, among which are opaque. They are commonly used in the manufacture of blisters for drugs.

Another feature of the packaging for this type of product is the substrate material. Plain packaging blister is attached to a substrate of dense cardboard. In the case of drugs used in its place the foil. This requires special manufacturing techniques and bonding, the more that soldering is not part of the package only at the edges, on the contrary, attached to the blister is a big part of the sheet of foil. In addition, the blister pack may be twofold: in this case the substrate is not at all.

Packaging consists of two halves of the bulk blisters, which are fastened to each other one way or another. Most often used special locks, latches, which allow multiple open and close the resulting "trunk". Of course, this type is not allowed in some industries where you need to ensure that the product can not be removed or replaced by another. But in the case of toys, souvenirs, and various accessories such packaging, blister on the contrary, it is very convenient, since it can be used to store these items even after the purchase.