"DIY": staircase of your dreams Choosing a ladder depends on the intensity of its operation, ie, the activity of movement on it, and is also associated with comfort and safety ladder. It is one thing, when in an awkward stairs have up and down a few times a day, and quite another if it is to be done very often. It is one thing, if on the second floor of the house located just a bedroom, the other – if there is, for example, are day-care rooms, or rooms for elderly parents, a haunted office. And even more unacceptable inconvenient stairs (as do ladder handy – in our special section), if the toilet in the house is only on the first floor. In such cases, reasonable, or change the functionality of the premises, located on the upper floors, or provide a more convenient and secure a ladder leading to these floors. Location of the staircase when the projected thoughtful approach may be one of the deciding factors when choosing its type. For example, when placing the ladder in large hall or lobby is desirable to avoid poluoborotnyh and spiral staircases (to build a ladder to help our specialists), because visible from the entrance to the house of the lower surface of the opposing parts of such stairways are not marching decorate the interior of the premises. Beveled and inclined surfaces that are open in the direction of greater part of the room, impair spatial perception of interior space, visually reducing its volume.