Even fewer are sites for farming economy. The cheapest on the market – unallocated shares. The relatively low price due to the fact that in the future with such a plot may be difficulties in translating the land. Cost of land – the most important factor in the future draft of the settlement. To reduce the cost of the project and use the scheme: the purchase of land in one of the lowest category (usually selhoz.naznacheniya) and their further transfer to another category. All the more so in recent times "Good" status of land required in the market are few and expensive. Analysts agree that now take an even more active purchase of land farming.

This is advantageous because the cost of transfer of land in a different status, in half (ie $ 300-700 per sq.m.) than buying a similar section of the market value of the price level and growth forecast PRICE TARGETS investment-price peak in the suburban real estate market has not yet been reached. Prices for suburban real estate market to date has not reached its culmination in the development. In general we can say that buying activity has increased. The main factors that affect the value of the land – it distance from the city, the availability of engineering (gas, electricity, water, etc.), infrastructure and water reservoir. It is important location close to railway station and easy road access, proximity of parks, pine forests, groves, etc. Depends price and the condition of neighboring homes, the social status of its neighbors.