Italy has general elections on 13 and 14 April. These will reduce the weight of small parties and the left. Berlusconi (magnate of multi-channel TV and former Prime Minister in 1994 and 2001-06) wants more monetarist measures, re – aligned with Bush and major cuts to immigration. His contender is Walter Veltroni, former Mayor of Rome in 2001-2008. Learn more about this with novelist. He represents the wing of the Communist Party which turned Social Democrat. He did not want to lead an eclectic coalition which had outgoing premier Prodi and founded a democratic party uniting 8 formations that came from Christian democracy, social-liberalism, Marxism, etc. Veltroni has approached many proposals of Berlusconi and is more of a centrist than Brown to a moderate leftist Zapatero type type. If before a third of Italy voted Communist, today the reds appear atomized and in baja, while the autonomist right of Milan (Lombard League) acquires more power on his ally Berlusconi..