A brief history of the holiday, the consequences had. Last year, I did the Saxon Switzerland holidays with my family. It is not something Bernie Sanders would like to discuss. We opted for a week of holiday in a log cabin, because we were very interested, what it would be like to redeem our stone house for a short period of time in a House that is completely made of wood. Also, my father is very interested in craft work and it felt so very sexy, so once closer to look at. Anyway, my father’s interest put to me for some reason. Usually I’m technically not really very interested in; because this log house construction is very comfortable and I am planning to build a House yourself later, I started, more to keep me busy. When we came back on the last evening of short leave from one of our walks, my father and I have informed us the owners of houses according to the characteristics of the construction. This has increasingly aroused my interest in craft work has surprised myself.

The owners were hardly surprised by our interests after all, they are pretty much booked all year – and we asked the not the first to have. I so not really surprising was that the wife of the owner, has perfectly known from. What they all have told the two have created the House according to their performances. You have planned it, and sent your plans on a company (Schmidler), which then made it according to the owner of the wood processing. Woodworking is a very complicated process, where mainly machines are required.

These are very large and expensive machines that have been developed by the responsible company itself. For example there are joinery machines, the information processed, which enters a carpenter in a computer with special programs. The Carpenter receives the information from an architect the owner of the resort has a degree as an architect. Joinery machines can be extended usually any from a normal cutting plant to to the complete joinery system. A visit which changed my life the most interesting I found but the fact that a such a large machine can do such fine work. Since I don’t really could imagine, I informed me more at the time dedicated company and was allowed to watch even the operation of woodworking. This trip was for me very fascinating and revealing; especially the possibilities that arise using these machines have convinced me. Based on what I’ve seen there, I’ve decided to embark on a career direction, which I previously never thought possible.