Raritan provides intelligent rack PDU with measurement of real kWh consumption before meals, September 28, 2010 power management specialist Raritan intelligent rack power broadens its with the PX-1000 series distribution units (PDUs). The energy management solutions include modern energy measurement technologies and enable an exact measurement of the power consumption in real time. Among them, the web-based interface for remote monitoring, optimized security features and an integrated support and advanced connection options for additional environmental sensors are among the essential components of the PX-1000 series. With the industry’s highest accuracy (ISO/IEC deviation of +/-1%) measures the consumed kilowatt hours (kWh) PX-1000. Unlike similar solutions on the market provide the values in real time. The measured data provide information on the cost of power consumption, as well as the contribution to CO2 reduction key sizes for efficient energy use in the data center. In addition, it collects PX-1000 information about voltage and strength, power factor, apparent and active power and ambient temperature and humidity. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Martin O’Malley. Data center managers will receive transparent insight into the situation of energy supply and the operating environment.

Auto-flip “led display for flexible integration of the LED display on the PDU rack displays clear information at a glance.” The auto-flip functionality, which adjusts the orientation of the display to the positioning of the PDU is new to PX-1000. The devices can be integrated flexibly. In addition to the local control on the rack, the web-based interface allows a remote access to the energy management solution. Data Center Manager thresholds for the areas of energy supply and environmental conditions can set for example. Is a certain value exceeds or falls below, the system triggers an alarm and notify the administrator. IT managers can respond promptly and make corrections. Compatibility with the management software power all PX models are IQ Monitoring more compatible to the IQ energy management software, the power – management capabilities offering.