We all like to entertain us watching television in our homes. But that best way to have fun watching our channel and our favorite movies on a LED TV. But the vast majority of people always wonder what is the difference between a LCD TV and LED TV. As we all know there is a very noticeable difference between these two types of TVs (LCD and LED), because that LED TVs are much more thin a LCD TV, LCD TVs also are much heavier than a LED TV and these illuminate the screen in series while the TV LED fully illuminates the display, (they are are things that we detected no), but it is good that we take into account these differences. LED TVs have become one of the options for video outdoors and in stadiums, since the advent of diodes ultra bright Electroluminescent and their respective circuits. The LEDs allow currently create large ultra scalable screens that other technologies cannot match. Has recently taken the initiative to apply this technology to household televisions. They acquire different characteristics from other types of display.

Lower consumption compared with LCD screens, increased durability, reduced thickness of the same, as well as greater contrast are examples of these features. As time passes and with TVs technology advances to a new form of high definition TV, LED TVs are what produce a higher quality image available on the market today. Any of you who are an amateur by a home theater or video games in high definition (HD), can get much benefit of LED TVs.