When do we stop playing? Man by nature, at very early ages, has a very different reality perception when it reaches adolescence, and or to maturity. Children we create characters, in suitable situations, to enjoy desired moments, with thoroughly pleasurable results. The reality is confused with the imajinacion that each wants to live. This is certainly a good strategy, to enjoy the everyday, we dream sense with a freedom that we then removed, that maturity that both children, and that when he arrives, both disillusioned us. The stark reality, we say. Do because raw?, also the reality can be cooked, at least children who still do not have the social formation, the adults, have cooked it with all kinds of ingredients, to enjoy unique moments and unforgettable. We all have memories of games, imajinarias, created situations for decorating moments of enjoyment.

Why the human does the need to stop playing?. Only in art you can live with a free imajinacion of social ties. The behavior of adults leaves much to be desired, with respect to the treatment we give to our soul. They say that when we die, the body loses 21 grams of weight, this is equivalent to the weight of the soul, like a little heavy thing, can alvergar so much sentiment?, and why neglect this part of our existence, that gives us so many veneficios? Why children have more enjoyment than adults capacity?, to case the understanding, and wisdom, restricts us our perception of pleasures?. It seems that if, but can not find any lojica reason, showing me that it is something positive for our existence.

Well, this means that increased knowledge, child enjoy, and how much more intelligent is one, less moments of satisfaction will have, therefore, does a person with little knowledge, and action towards life, less intelligent, more happiness?, seems that if, then, does that study mankind?, with purposes to dedicate almost a quarter of our life to study?, do so end utulizamos all these knowledge acquired over many centuries as it has this society?, if in fact all or almost all recognize that the important things in life, continue to remain the property of these single infimos 21 grams, and no knowledge that come in our books can make them happy. Simple behaviour of a child playing with the laces of your shoes can provide enough joy, to feed those 21 grams is supposed to have our soul. There is something that does not fit me. Why leave play humans?, must there be the problem. Surely with knowledge and experience, you can not play, then does will be better not to acquire knowledge, nor be experienccia, to be more children’s?, and, are therefore more happy?. Because something like it has to be. He will be. C Indalecio regueira.