The Power Of The Language

The language is the biggest resource that the human being possesss to reach everything what more it desires in the life. The man depends on the language to live in society, it is the base of our culture and hardly he would have civilization, it was not the job of the language and the power of the words. For more specific information, check out Michael Chabon. It is through them that we influence and we provoke the changes, almost always, necessary to construct a better life. Many we think that what move the world is the money, same the corporeal properties that as much attracts in them or the search for prestige and power. Everything this is very important and moves of truth with the human behavior, however what more it is capable to provoke changes, to transceder theories and to transform the world is, in fact, the language. The words are very powerful, when they leave our mouth has the potential to create or to waste estresses, to captivate or to move away people, to conquer or to destroy dreams, to provoke passion or to open wounded that they last for an entire life.

Everything go to depend on our ability to deal with them in the time, dose, form and temper adequate. It is through the use adept of the words that, for example, the leader conquest following, gets resulted positive of the team, increases the productivity of the company, the moral of the led ones, the effectiveness of the projects and the organizacional success. The admired leaders are those that they know that the words create our reality, therefore give its better to provide memorable moments. The writer Joseph Jaworski, says that ‘ ‘ He is through the language that we create the world, because it is not nothing we describe until it. when describe we it, we create distinctions that govern our actions.

Said of another form, the language does not describe the world that we see, but sees the world that descrevemos.’ ‘ Therefore, we make something to happen the measure that we pronounce the words, phrases or expressions. We use when them without empatia and as half to take the people to make something for, to buy our services, or any another action of our exclusive interest, the possibilities of the results to be disastrous will be enormous. However, when we appeal they stop helping the people to be happy, to get success and to carry through dreams, the results will be concrete, magical, exuberant from there we will obtain everything what more we desire in the life, and this is what more it matters. The conclusion is that when we record our words in the heart of the people, is capable to intervine and to change the world where we live. Then, if we know of this we can strengtheing in them to interact better with our familiar, friends, friends, fellow workers, customers and suppliers, thus remodelling the environment where we are inserted and contributing so that the results of our actions are capitalized to reach the conquests that as much we long for. After all of accounts, it is as in it teaches traditional said the popular one to them: ‘ ‘ Our words if transform into action. Our actions if transform into habits.