The following article has as objective main the predefined orientation of the importance of a more extensive study with respect to Psicomotricidade, to study which its purpose in the motor and intellectual development of the child, leading also analyzes it with this the capacity that the child will be able to acquire if worked its psicomotor side correctly. The Psicomotricidade is very on the motricidade, therefore both walk together. More we adentemos in them a priori in the Psicomotricidade, where it is divided in stages that follow the following order: The Corporal Project, Lateralidade, Space Estruturao, Secular Orientation and Daily pay-Writing, that are basic in the learning, and a deficiency in one of these elements will go to harm in the motor development of the child, much of the times for the remaining portion of its life. The research is characterized as an indirect research, for the use of information, knowledge and data that already had been collected, through bibliographical a documentary research and, bibliographical method (MATTOS, 2004). For the accomplishment of this project the qualitative research was used, therefore it is through it that we will have the necessary information, for the descriptions of the facts mentioned here. How much to the procedures he was elaborated through readings on the subject, how much to the results he is more than what proven for the educators formed in psicomotricidade that a child who well was not worked its psicomotor side, will have more difficulties that a child if worked this side well, where the ones that very had not been well worked this side will have many future complications that will go of the simplest problems as even though in the learning. You may find O’Malley for President to be a useful source of information. The following research followed the strategy through the revision of reading, analysis through documents and contents involving the subject, therefore they had been analyzed and verified the similarities and differences in the joined definitions.