Average altar was consecrated in the name of St. John of Damascus in 1768 by Archbishop Gabriel Kremenets. A year later, were sanctified by the throne, and both sides – on the south side of St. Harlampy martyr, and on the north – in the name of the Holy. prophet Elijah. From the church Anichkov Palace was moved iconostasis. Among the images were a few canvases by painters of the School of pp Rubens, including The Holy Family "," Last Supper "," Descent from the Cross ". The church at the top floor of the throne in the name of Vladimir Mother of God finally arranged in 1783 and was consecrated by Metropolitan Gabriel.

At the top of the church just outside the sanctified in the name of the Mother of God "Joy of All Who Sorrow" and Faith Hope and Charity and their mother Sophia. Detached round tower of the church of the Vladimir project Quarenghi was built in 1783, and in 1848 F. Rusca increased its height by one storey, and in 1850 he also headed 1853godah construction fence of the cathedral. The western porch of the church with a portico in classical style, turned in the direction of the Vladimir area, was created in 1831 by architect cathedral before the Revolution in the temple existed Benevolent Society, an orphanage and women's hospice. In 1922 the church property was confiscated.

Vestments and the icons were partially transferred to the Russian Museum and the Hermitage. In 1930 the church was closed, its premises have been brought to book Funds of the State Public Library to accommodate its branch – the anti-religious library, and then another and building trust. After the war, withstood the siege temple again transferred for storage of books Library Academy of Sciences, and in 1947 Lenpromkombinatu Fizkultpromsnaba under knitting production. In August 1989, after 60 years of estrangement Cathedral of Our Lady of Vladimir was returned to the Diocese of Leningrad. In many respects this contributed to the well-known residents of scientist, historian and writer LNGumilev and honorary citizen of St. Petersburg , one of whose ancestors had been caretaker of the church. From 1996 to the present rector of the church is – Vladimir (Kotlyarov) Metropolitan of St. Petersburg and Ladoga. Since the end of xx century undergoing restoration. Main sanctuary of the temple are: the icon of the Vladimir Icon of the Mother of God icon "Almighty Savior", consecrated St. righteous John of Kronstadt, as well as the image of St. Seraphim of Sarov with a particle of his relics. Here the funeral service nurse Pushkin – Arina. One of the parishioners was Dostoevsky, who lived nearby in Kuznechny lane.