Domestic manufacturers give 15-year lifespan. On average, gas convector can serve up to 50 years if the planned maintenance. The most vulnerable elements of the automatic holding magnet, thermocouple and thermostat are quite a long time / in the end they learned to do / and replacement is fast. 6. Who can mounted gas convector? Mount and admitted to trained professionals licensed organization. 7 The better to plug the gap between the pipe wall and gas convector? Most of all manufacturers recommended to plug the gap with lime or cement mortar. But as practice shows, sometimes in these gaps is strongly attracted. There is a way to handle the gap with high-temperature polyurethane foam for outer contour and the contour of the Inland from 10 to 14 do not blow the foam due to possible high temperatures in the exhaust and with the possible partial decomposition.

8. Who has the right to repair gas convector? Gas convector As any gas appliances, have the right to repair only the representatives of gas facilities, trained, briefed the past. 9. Do a project on gas appliances installed? At any gas equipment necessary to develop the project and all work according to the project. 10. Is there a difference honey iron and steel casing heat exchanger? Virtually none, except for weight, cost / more expensive /.

In the iron harder to remove dust from porous surface of iron and steel is much easier. 11. What temperature is normal? The international standard comfort temperature between 18 + 22 deg. Celsius. 12. How harmful use of gas heating convector? So, how bad a particular person to use the over-dried air. But how to deal with over-dried air every housewife knows. Container with water solves the problem overdried air. Can establish a household hygrometer. 13. What temperature is maintained automatically? Mounted units with automatic thermostats are designed for temperatures from +10 to + 33 degrees C. If the temperature falls below 10 then the automatic ensures that the temperature automatically 14. Does Russia have produced gas convector? Release. Nazyvatsya GOP / gas heater / gas convector