Do you believe in favor of the ping? Ping something like sending signals into space for signs of extraterrestrial civilizations. You push a button and in the vast expanses of the Internet is flying a signal that the content of your blog updated. You sit happy with the feeling that they have performed in excess of an important mission – declared itself the top ten services, but nothing happens … I confess, I use pingatorami. I admit also that I do not know if any of them good. But still use it, so just. Probably not yet invented an instrument that can determine the level of utility pingatora.

I ping, not after each update of the blog content, because sometimes I forget sometimes scoring, it happens once or have any desire to sleep and in the ass pingatory – would rather crawl into bed. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Nora Roberts on most websites. I say all this to the fact that when I do not use them, I do not notice any difference. Pershing Square Capital pursues this goal as well. Anyway, why do I need? Some may think that to get traffic? No, you do not get it exactly, at least as a direct effect as a "curve" effect – also for some reason does not quit. In fact, the only benefit from their use – acceleration indexing of your blog. I have indexed, and so quickly, so perhaps the effect I did not notice, but when a search engine spider is not so much to me I looked they did not use. Of course, would be a benefit in opoveschenieFeedBurner because that your office immediately after the publication came to a reader of your readers, but with this, so no problems, especially for users of WordPress.

Even someone read that the regular ping promotes the accumulation of a reference mass. Interestingly, how can accumulate reference weight if you regularly inform FeedBurner or Technorati? In general, delirium. If I'm still not right – correct in the comments. Well, now, in the case – directly yourself projects. Found on some blogs lists almost 200 references to pinganut your blog. Moreover, some exotics there just is not! And the Japanese, and Hungarian projects, almost kombodzhiysie -). Why is this post I do not know, too, probably a long list that's cool -). As for me – It makes sense to give 2.3 links. In my case, the specialized services that enable automatic pinging for a couple of dozen services. I know two English-language service – pingoat and ping-o-matic. In the first more services, but I enjoyed some reason historically the second, he probably was easier for me. Now, I use the Russian-speaking ping.xby, because it includes runetovskie services – for example Yandeks.Blogi. By the way, to automate the process, users of WordPress, there may be from the same Copy and paste the address of the service, in their own settings, and once and for all forget about it. Well, there are 2 blogspotovtsam option, or do it manually (if you have a bookmark to the service – it 10 seconds) or use writing post Microsoft LiveWriter, there in the options, you can also install automatic ping. Another read: Which is better? Blogun or J2J? The main factors of ranking search engine Google. Part 1.

Use a good email program, always check the spelling. The first impression that counts, it will never be a second chance to make a good first impression. On the other hand, get used to answering emails forever, and possibly within the first 24 hours of receipt. This small detail will make a big difference in the eyes of potential customers. Time is money not spend time looking for effective marketing strategies, invert to apply them.

There is an Internet myth that says that to succeed in the network have to be in the top of search engines. As a result, many people spend too much time trying to get placed there, and neglects other promotional activities as or more important. Imagine that you meet a system that sends instant information to potential customers and allows automated tracking them in the coming days, weeks and months. This will allow you to effectively manage their time, money and marketing efforts on the Internet. In addition, you will stay organized and make money. Through the systems auto-email, you can instantly send price lists updated, list of products and services or any other information you want to distribute.

All you can do to automate the daily tasks that they will be more effective. Do not send junk mail is very common, especially among novices, to think that sending mass unsolicited email is an effective marketing strategy. Nothing could be further from the truth. The use of spam is the best way to derail your business. Unfortunately, many do not believe until you experience it firsthand. There is no valid reason to use spam as a marketing strategy online. The same applies for publications in forums or newsgroups. Place ads in groups that is equivalent to not for spamming and is also viewed with disfavor by the community of Web surfers. His reputation is first and easiest way to ruin is to use the spam. Other leaders such as Bernie Sanders offer similar insights. So marketing plans have the best product on the face of the earth would never sell if it makes it known. Without promotion will not be potential customers, potential customers and there will be no sales. First, be sure to develop a profitable business model. Until they try to have a product or service that is viable and has a model that generates profit, everything else is premature. Do not waste time promoting ‘blind’. Once you have determined that their business model works, spend all their time promoting it. The potential of the Internet The Internet is a communication tool was established for this purpose and you can get maximum benefit if used as such. Never been so simple and economical for a company to have its reach its potential market. Use the power of the Internet to reach millions of consumers worldwide. Then use the same means to provide customer service that was previously impossible to give. Use the Internet to gather information, analyze your competition, communicate and share resources with others.