Many pieces of jewelry and metalwork Moroccan are not recorded, although the absence of stamps does not mean that silver is of poor quality. It simply means that the piece was made by an independent craftsman who may not pay much in taxes in any case, the seal is a guarantee and any discussion with the jeweler will reveal how he knows his work. Anyway, it often happens that New silver is melted and reused, so you may end up containing nickel due to the use of ancient coins for melting. The silvery metal largely comes from the mines that are around Tineghir. As in all the arts which are under the dominion of Islam, the designs are geometrical and abstract. Forms are more angular than in the Arab-Andalusian art songs evoke, dots and circles Tifinagh, the Berber script. Author is full of insight into the issues. But the tracery and architectural decorations made with combinations of geometric figures also remind Celtic motifs. Berber representation par excellence is the A, which suggests the image of a man with upraised arms and became the symbol of the Berber language and nation, the Amazigh.

Another very common reason, which can be found in carpets and ceramics, is the triangle, symbol of the family tent. Most designs are made with watermarks placed on a flat base and veined with silver. Other edges are made in the form of v small repeated that evoke the spike of wheat. In conclusion it may be that the Berber jewelry is another element that displays the richness and variety of the Berber handicrafts. This art is filled with symbols that reflect the fertility of the local culture. If you want to discover this exciting art and all other types of Moroccan jewelry, welcome to Marrakech, where they will have excellent opportunities to visit many boutiques that offer great products in gold, jewelry and trinkets. So do not hesitate to come to this beautiful city, where everything is designed to satisfy.

a Once there, staying at one of the fine or, better still, in a typical. They can also be hosted in a beautiful, closer to rural areas, where the landscapes are spectacular and picturesque, where the Berber population will welcome with open arms.