Have many of us have had Hotmail account from many years ago?. At least I have a Hotmail account since 2000 and is still in use, like many of my friends. Not for nothing Messenger made the great leap extending the possibilities of communication to great levels. At present we could know the great evolution that has had this great virtual tool, to already become part of the multinational Microsoft, renamed Windows Live Hotmail. The history of this great company has marked a significant precedent in the entire world and its creators know it so to commemorate this anniversary, has organized a big party in the city of Madrid in Spain, which will be held at the Flagship Store of Telefonica.

If you have Hotmail account already you should have learned, puses sent messages to some Hotmail users informing about this great event. It was there for the year 1996, on July 4, when Sabeer Bathia and Jack Smith, the creators of this famous service mail electronic, they gave the great leap creating a company which now can boast of having more than 350 million users around the world, which places it as the postal service most used worldwide, according to the information you gave Windows. It was a year of its creation, specifically in December 1997, when Microsoft bought the rights to this tremendous emerging company. Initially, Windows would have proposed the purchase of to their creators, but they rejected it. The longing for Windows for purchasing this franchise was such that came to offer $ 200 million, to what its creators refused, pointing out that the value of the company amounted to $ 500 million. Windows offer money again them, this time offering of $ 400 million to which agreed and since that day was renamed MSN Hotmail. During this process, was brewing and to steps to grow giant postal service Gmail, that is until today in the hands of Google. This It became necessary to Hotmail.com had to go renew and grow mainly in what regard to its ability to send and receive large files, which was doing that increasingly more people choose Gmail. That was how Hotmail changed its name again going to be called Windows Live Hotmail, name with which we know it today. This is how this and other companies will have been appropriating land of high demand such as social networks. Even though this makes easier and more immediate communication, electronic mail system is still very necessary, but Microsoft is has been left a little behind in this respect, so that is in continuous development of more and more options and plug-ins to improve this great postal service.