Especially the security is more than ever the focus of advantages and disadvantages of treated and untreated run bars and that’s a good thing! Finally the small safely should be big and strong. There are large differences of course also in the sector of the playpen. Not only the dimensions, shapes or colours differ, but also the quality. Now the question is, what is best for my child, for me and also for my wallet. Must be the price/performance and that you get good stuff for a good price. “In any case it must be said that it is a great advantage, if the COTS of wood, best of untreated natural wood” is and not made of plastic or metal.

Alone, the pollutants contained in the various plastic mixtures, speak for themselves. And metal is much harder than wood, also all parts may rust here. And there you should ask itself already as a responsible parent, what have various plastic additives or even Rust lost close to my child. Children try their hand at the grill to pull up and normally, then the upper edge of the playpen is nibbled on. To sum up, that the safest choice of material is definitely the natural wood Variant.

Accordingly, the playpen is made of natural materials, completely free of pollutants, yet robust and stable as must be expected from a piece of furniture for children. By the fact that it is natural wood, it is of course free the end buyer as he deals with his playpen. In many reports comes to the fore, that buyers now have chosen a hugely popular and above all also highly natural kind of post-processing. Con Edison may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Customer recessions recur, which praises the post-processing with beeswax in the highest tones. “Stability is given this natural way again the untreated wood and especially the feel good factor” for the child increases enormously. Due to the pleasant properties makes it particularly cuddly and lastingly stable wood. Responsible parents let out bite your child not on plastic or even machine-made metal rods. Rather put young families on organic high-quality products, produced in laborious hand work, rising sales in the sector of wood playpen speak a clear language here! Health of children is in all respects in the foreground and should be an important factor in the purchase decision. Alex Klein

Gifts from the heart for the first day of the child just a few weeks then it is summer vacation, finally. Of course this is dependent on whether outweighs the anticipation and excitement to school the day shape or is it rather the small twinge of panic and nervousness before the great new unknowns, the elementary school. Yes, the first day of school is a big step in life both for children and parents… Find unusual gift ideas for your child for a long time you put together things, that should come in the Schultute. I’m sure the special pins you got already, also the glitter play dough and of course a few of the absolute favorite candy. But another great and offbeat surprise would be already a great thing. You’re on right looking for unusual gift ideas…How about printed with a beautiful photograph of the child and on the other hand, maybe a purse, the name of the child, so that everyone knows who owns this purse? Personal purse as original gifts for the Schultute available in multiple colors the purse for boys as well as girls is an unusual gift idea and a very practical gift idea by the way! Original gifts for the school bag… It’s not always good, if children have a few euros here, only in case of necessity? Or also the key that can find a safe storage place in your wallet? Each individual coin purse is made after your order in hand work and designed exclusively for your child. Whether printed with the photo of the child, dazu…es are countless possibilities, make the purse and make a unique work of art a family photos, the photo of the pet or even a beautiful self painted image of the child and the name. Hannah Lorenz

Children’s sports center of the OSC sets sail Osnabruck on Sep 16, 2012, 05.09.2012. In Germany, there is a big problem: lack of exercise and obesity in children. According to a current DAK study worsens the health of children for the last ten years dramatically. As causes, you will find the usual suspects: unhealthy diet, lack of movement and to intensive use of media. To tackle these problems and to improve, at the same time the poor childcare in Germany, the OSC opened the new KidsZ children’s Sports Centre on the Sep 16.

As the largest sports club in Osnabruck and third largest latitudes Sports Club of in Lower Saxony with over 8000 members, turns the OSC of its social responsibility and creates a new motion and play area for children, connected with offerings around the topics of nutrition, creativity, care and sports. The advertising agency team4media, which was commissioned by the Association to design flyers and brochures, made for a compelling corporate image as well as a uniform corporate design to create. Every third child is no sports and 36 percent less than an hour a day out there are playing the terrifying results of a Forsa study. This has resulted in that children often already suffer in elementary school the episodes of back pain, overweight, or motor deficiencies. In addition that there are not enough childcare places in Germany and children prefer a greasy French fries after school for lunch, and then who would rather spend their time in front of the computer to do homework. To create remedy with exactly these problems and allow children a holistic promotion expands the Osnabrucker sports club news and offers activities in new and enlarged premises that karate, unicycle take hip hop and Chearleading or dance go diaper. Since 2011 exist the KidsZ camp series, aimed at children aged five to eleven and a reliable customer care with an emphasis on nature, sports, cooking and Theatre offers.