Signs of spring. Yes friends: there’s less, not just in a couple of days we enter the month of spring (at least for the northern hemisphere) and everything seems to change, both the physical and the spiritual. I do not know what is a consequence of what, IE: If our State of mind and energies are renewed by the change of air and arrangements that we make in the garden, or those changes we renew us. Anyway, I am convinced that people have a sort of life cycle that accompanies this spring reinvigoration of nature. Personally I’ve already started thinking about a renewal of my flowers; I usually avoid clarify (prune) too early in the winter, since I want to minimize the possible damage to the plant during late winter waves of cold, espcially if submitted late frosts. However, sometimes there are late winter or early spring that presented contradictory signals.Trees and shrubs of soon give buds fatter of which one I would have expected at the end of January, some of the raspberry canes may even be growing.

Suddenly some solitary white chime is in flower, but there is no indication of their colleagues, daffodils, that often appear early. If the signals are contradictory, beware: late frosts are the greatest risk and recommend postponing some tasks to protect plants and do not leave them so bare. A good idea is to amass a little loose bark, shavings, bark around the crowns and more sensitive shrubs foot as a measure of protection. You can in your area yet not be so clear these early signs, but it is encouraging to see the Sun when it comes out and you breath to renew energies, plan your crops, go visiting nurseries, thinking of enriching soil etc etc.