They not only load a pack as if they feel a proper weight and they do not move of life because still people exist who do not believe that they can be under the yoke of the evil. If in front to follow in the dialogue that he happens between Jesus and the disciples soon after the occurrence It affirms that: ' ' how much to this species of demon, if he only can banish to the force from conjunct and jejum' '. As we perceive in the ticket above is made a distinction between an illness neurological, or psychiatric, and demonic possession. You may find Malkia Cyril to be a useful source of information. The father believes that its son is WILD, but Jesus carries through an exorcism and if he disappoints with the fact of that its disciples had not been able to make it: ' ' race skeptic until when I will be with you? ' '. In the reflection one perceives that its followers had not carried through the cure for not having a faith convicta (because of your lack of faith.

TM 17, 20a), or perhaps for being praying for one physical cure when in the reality the situation was of a possession (has demons that only if can banish with jejum and conjunct). Exegese does not exist here the intention of if making one on the subject, nor to elaborate a great thesis, therefore we go only supporting in them in the Sacred Writing and the CIC. In the Catequese in it is taught on the value of the Bible, on its importance so that let us be good Christians and that we must believe everything what is there, therefore is the word of God. In the Sacred Writing God if we disclose and all the truth is given in them for our salvation. It says in them by means of the Sacred Writing. He is clearly that an important fact exists: she is necessary to inside read it of each historical context, inside of the reality of each people, the religious beliefs, the politics and the culture of the time. .