So-called high-energy Flash lamps occupy a special position. You are technically not lasers, but wide band lamps with a superior filter for certain wavelengths. Additional information is available at Author. This intense pulse light “-(IPL) devices complement the pigment and Gefasslasser.” There are so-called pluripotent lasers (multiline systems), which can provide various wavelengths and therefore attract different target tissues in a combination unit still in the phase of clinical trials. Overview: Indications, matching laser therapy principle indication: laser type/therapy principle: wrinkles surgical Laser: ablation of superficial layers of the skin and refreshing the appearance of the skin, additional tightening by thermal shrinkage of collagen in the sense of the pigment laser skin rejuvenation: selective Photothermolysis of small skin irregularities (melanin/hemoglobin) in the sense of a skin rejuvenation scars surgical lasers: hypertrophic (beaded) scar tissue being removed Pigment laser: Normal (sunken) scars is selective Photothermolysis (hemoglobin) pigmented lesions pigment laser: selective Photothermolysis (melanin) surgical lasers: superficial skin removal with removal of pigment-bearing cells pigment laser tattoos: atomization through micro explosions in the paint particles and removal from the top visible layer of skin surgical Laser: ablation of the skin surface and removal of foreign body (color particles) Couperose/Gefassbedingte lesions pigment laser: selective Photothermolysis (hemoglobin) benign tissue changes surgical lasers: removal of unwanted hair pigment laser tissue: Selective Photothermolysis of the follicles with damage to the bellows of the hair. Black hair can be treated very effectively, however several sessions to be scheduled. But: So beautiful and diverse the possibilities of modern laser medicine also are not properly supervised handling mountains with risks and dangers not insignificant in the worst complications. “Therefore, Prof.

Metelmann advises: be part of all three types of lasers in experienced experts.” Because the correct energy density is absolute experience thing: with a high energy density, it comes to Burns, the desired effect is to lower energy density. And how much energy in tissue occurs depends on the wavelength of the laser radiation, pulse duration and form off, what lies in the more or less experienced hands of the attending surgeon. For the aesthetic treatment tasks of the face is the medical core competence in oral and Maxillofacial surgery and her plastic surgeries. The oral and Maxillofacial surgery covers the entire operational spectrum due to their training program here, and the University continuing education course of aesthetic Laser Medicine (DALM) secures the appropriate additional competences in the transition area to the dermatology also academically. Sabine Sabri