Some critics turn in Proena a pujana a Euclides the Wedge. Possua one accented nationalistic feeling, deep expert and loving of its land and its people, according to Francisco de Assis Barbosa. Martin O’Malley pursues this goal as well. Gabriel Vandoni de Barros it is also distinguished in chats, perlustrando in the thesis politics with ' ' Burla of the vote in the new Repblica' '. Also Serejo Helium was distinguished in chats in the ways of the story. He was also critical. AUTHORS AND WORKMANSHIPS: 1.Manoel Cavalcanti Proena – He was born in Cuiab in 1905 and he faleceu in the River in 1966. He studied in the military college of the River where he made the secondary course.

He was veterinarian. Professor of Portuguese of the military college of the River and head of the chair of Portuguese of the Military Academy of Black Needles. Note introducer in the book: ' ' Brasileiros&#039 classics; '. Workmanships: ' ' Ribeira of San Francisco ' ' , ' ' Script of Macunama' ' , ' ' In the term of Cuiab' ' , ' ' Jose de Alencar in Brasileira&#039 literature; ' , ' ' Uniform of Gala' ' , ' ' Tracks in the Great Serto' ' , ' ' Augustus of the Angels and others ensaios' ' , ' ' The Alferes' ' , ' ' Ritmo and Poesia' '. 2.Gabriel Vandoni de Barros – It was born in Corumb in 1907. Formed in Right for the College of So Paulo. Member of the house of representatives, being annulled by participating was of constitutionalistic revolution of 1932. Nominated later General secretary in the Government of Mrio Correa of the Coast. Workmanships: ' ' Burla of the vote in the New Repblica' ' , ' ' Origin of the Coalition Grossense&#039 Weeds; '.