Boring lectures and joyless existence, Gianni helped carry an extensive library and imagination. Devouring books one after the other, he desperately dreaming of distant lands, new horizons, and the incredible stories that happen to him, a thin, sickly, half-starved boy in the inferior clothes. Creative nature Rodari early gave themselves known. Gianni dreamed become an artist, but it inspired not daub delights drawing teacher, and always deserve bad grades. Husky tenderness of sounds that are extracted from a street tramp of his violin, boiled in tears breast in a young Gianni. Secretly, he asked to borrow a friend's violin, and, learning studies, in their fantasies imagined himself a great musician, forcing rejoice and mourn their countrymen – simple and open Italians.

But the most cherished dream was to become a boy inventor and invent wonderful toys that never bothered to his young masters. But fate had it differently: it gave a rare and precious gift: to invent stories. Stories that have never been bored as favorite toys. Stories that touch the soul, sounds like an old violin. Stories told by the living, juicy tongue, bright colors like those that drew little Gianni their world. For the first time this talent useful Gianni Rodari, when the seminary after he began teaching in the elementary grades.

In parallel, he studied at the University. Optimism and energy he drew in communion with his disciples. Of course, he lacked experience, but the young teacher had no trouble captivate their young audience incredible stories, the most abundant fantastic detail.