Indeed, for these purposes, Americans and Co. went into Afghanistan and there organized the production of heroin. During the period that the nato troops in Afghanistan (ie, over the past eight years), the production of opiates in the Republic increased by 44 times! In such a situation, Kyrgyz clans traditionally control drug trafficking, forced to be content with little, which is understandable – they are unlikely to suit. Most likely, these clans and lobbied>> Bakiyev. What happened next we all know.

Once we identified the main motive for the April coup, will return to Rosa Otunbayeva. As you might expect, it being the head of the interim Kyrgyz government, immediately after the coup, the U.S. government to guarantee the extension of the lease of military bases Manas>> that later, we can assume influenced her appointment by the President of the transition period, the Kyrgyz Republic as the most driven policy. But the Americans would not be Americans, if not squeezed out all situations. And it seems to me, further riots and massacres in Osh and -Abad, were provoked by one goal – to force Russia to introduce a peacekeeping contingent in Kyrgyzstan, as soon after the start of riots Otunbayeva has asked the Russian leadership. The Americans controlled the mouth of the western media in this case supported, justifying the need for the introduction of Russian troops in the republic that Russia has an idea about power structures of the Asian republics and features Kyrgyz mentality, but because de only she can successfully resolve the conflict. .