Judicial Francisco Jose Hernando

These three resignations had ceased to TC, from which 11 judges, part one unprecedented situation, since neither has covered the vacancy left by Roberto Garcia Calvo, who died in May 2008. On 11 January the Constitutional Court was renovated partially with the appointment of four new judges who were appointed by the Senate (the former President of the Council General of the power Judicial Francisco Jose Hernando, Professor Francisco Perez de los Cobos and the professors also Adela Asua and Luis Ortega). Lack of progressive judges the new situation would leave a precarious progressive majority in the constitutional. Two of the judges who dimitian are progressive (Eugeni Gay and Elisa Perez Vera) and another is conservative (Javier Delgado). In the new distribution of forces the Progressives would have five judges: President, Pascual Sala, Luis Ortega, Adela Asua, Pablo Perez Tremps and Manuel Aragon, although the latter has been cleared in this sector in some controversial decisions, such as the recent ruling about Bildu or the Statute of Catalonia, in which he voted with the conservatives. Judges Francisco Jose Hernando, Perez de los Cobos and Ramon Rodriguez Arribas, framed in the conservative bloc is somewhere in another block. The Court article 23 of the organic law of the Court (OLCC) Act as causes for dismissal of judges, among others, the resignation accepted by the President of the Court and the expiry of the period of his appointment. It also says that the cessation or the vacancy in the Office of judge of the Constitutional Court, in the first and second cases, as well as the death, will decree by the President. For this reason, the note said that still referred to the resignation as first cause of cessation of the judges of this tribunal and being the reason given establishing also cause of termination, this Presidency () will decide as soon as on the resignation made after assessment of the conditions that ensure the most complete and correct functioning of the tribunal. Source of the news: the President of the Constitutional does not accept the resignation of the Vice President and two judges