BrokerPort AG Increases Reach Of

Free and independent broker comparison starts on ARIVA.DE using market information provider ARIVA.DE AG Germany’s most comfortable online broker comparison for its Internet presence: the offer of is now integrated in the security profile pages available under There, investors can determine the cheapest online broker for each security. The range of the broker comparison is further enhanced by the cooperation with ARIVA.DE AG, explains the Board of BrokerPort AG, Marco Marty. With more than 45 million page impressions per month, Ariva count among the five strongest range Bank independent financial portals. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Diamond Book Distributors. Previously the financial portal OnVista had already incorporated the order machine in his appearance.

Offering accessible under of BrokerPort AG offers investors the easy comparison of the order costs of online brokers and up-to-date informed of special promotions such as FreeTrades or FreeBuys. The free and independent provider comparison calculator has only recently its range expanded and now also determined the cheapest stock exchange for each security. For more information, press contact: Sarah Buchwald Tel.: 02154-9209-9763 email: sarah.buchwald(at) about Brokerport AG: the BrokerPort AG is a startup based in Willich in the lower Rhine region. According to its mission statement, we understand your actions developed online services, which provide for more transparency in financial markets. It cooperates the company with IT service providers from the banking sector and financial information providers. is the first offering from BrokerPort. Other tools are under preparation.