What is the Audiobook? Audiobook – this is the book, voiced by professional actors and recorded in audio format. Or you can put it another way – the older generation probably remembers earlier on the radio very often twisted auditions. Audiobook – it's the same thing, only recorded on a disc, or recorded in the MP3 format audio recording, which can be downloaded from specialized sites. What kind of format MP3, which recorded the audiobook? MPEG Audio Layer-3 – is the most popular format for storing and transmitting information in digital form using a compression signal. For example, on an ordinary 700MB disc in this format can be recorded 11:00 of music.

On which to listen to an audiobook? At the present development ITehnology audiobook you can listen to on your cell phone, also on special small players MP4, which support many formats, including MP3. Can I burn an audiobook itself? Yes, very possible audioknigu record, this is both free and paid programs for recording audio books that can be easily found online. Of course the sound quality of recorded books you will be very different from the audiobook, which recorded in a professional studio professional actors, but you choose. How do I find an audiobook on the Internet? Through any search engine, just type in the search box: Audiobook and you get several million hits to sites with free and commercial audio books. What are the advantages of audio books in front of ordinary books? The advantages are enormous. First, the thrift of time, because you can listen to an audiobook in a different place: subway car, and just when you're walking. And secondly – is the preservation of your eyes, and in the present world is very large flow of information passing through the eye and sometimes they need a rest.