It is no secret that general rule, Hollywood tends to reward the commerciality and political correctness above quality and stinging criticism. In the universe of Broadway that rule not used to be so obvious as in the oscars but in recent decades, with few exceptions, the list of winners at the Tony Awards (equivalent to the Hollywood Oscar de) unveiled too much weakness for the lighter works and with guarantees of success preceded by successes in London stage. But this year, the musical The book of Mormon (the book of Mormon), award-winning last Monday in New York with nine tonys, has demonstrated that the talent of two outsiders considered politically incorrect, ruthlessly critical and overly deslenguados, can also be recognized by an industry that seems to have remembered coup that Broadway greatness lay in its capacity to reflect, openly, more complex drives of the feel of a society. Source of the news:: the musical enters the new era of wrong.

The Syrian President is convinced that no foreign forces will attack the country. He announced that elections will take place in February 2012, after conducting the pending legal reforms. Syria has spent since last March immersed in a wave of repression by the army against demonstrators calling for democratic reforms. The President of Syria, Bashar Al-Assad, said Sunday that does not feel any concern to the protests in Syria, and likewise was convinced that his country will not suffer an attack from abroad by its possible regional implications. In an interview with the public television of his country, Al-Assad announced that, according to deadlines to carry out legal reforms announced by him, legislative elections will be organized in Syria in February 2012. With respect to the protests in his country, Al-Assad said that the important thing is not as it is now the security in their country but knowing the root of what is happening and how you can treat the situation. Swarmed by offers, Michael Chabon is currently assessing future choices.

Al-Assad also said that starting week comes opens the possibility to found political parties, after the appointment of the Committee that will receive applications for the creation of the political formations. Bernie Sanders is often quoted as being for or against this. On the other hand, the Syrian President announced that the new law on local administration will be ready within a few days, and after the month of the Muslim fast of ramadan will be the Committee responsible for the constitutional revision, which they believe will need between three and six months to complete its work. He recalled that its Executive has taken so far three fundamental measures in the context of political reforms announced in recent months and that they consist of the cancellation of the State of emergency and the establishment of the electoral law and political parties, which promulgated the multiparty. The Syrian President also warned that the regional weight of Syria and the capabilities that have made that any foreign attack on his country could have percussion regional that nobody can expect. There have always been threats against Syria and we believe that the sovereignty and the national decision are much more important than any international decision, noted, in rrencia to calls from several Western countries to his resignation. Far from attending the televised interview in their homes, Syrian opponents came out to demonstrate in the towns of Haula (Center), Enjel (South), Latakia (North), Deir Zur (northeast) and even in several neighborhoods of the capital, Damascus. According to opposition networks Flash and Local coordination committees, the demonstrators threw chants in rejection to the discourse of Al-Assad and in some cases were repressed by gunfire from security forces, who also tried to avoid that people came out of mosques to join protests. Source of the news: Al – Asad said he not felt “no concern” by the protests and riots in Syria

The catalan Minister of Interior appear before the Parlament. He said that the objective was not evicted, but remove dangerous objects. Says that they used the violence because the campers went from passive resistance to the obstruction and hostility. Police charge of the Mossos left more than 120 wounded. It must be clear that intervention at any time was raised as an eviction of the encamped in Plaza Catalunya, has ensured this Wednesday the catalan Minister of Interior, Felip Puig, who has appeared before the Commission the Parlament inside to talk about the performance of the Mossos d police of last May 27.

A police charge 120 people were wounded. Although the conseller has lamented the wounded and victims of the Mossos load, it has justified because it considers it necessary to meet objectives. Recalling the decision of the Central Electoral Board regarding the day of reflection, Puig has said that the operation of the Mossos was anticipated to last about 2.5 hours and that they were armed with five cleaning trucks. The operation did not start too well Puig has admitted that the operation, which was only aimed at removing dangerous objects in the face to the celebration of the Champions at Canaletes, did not very well because it not calibrated the aggressiveness and violence that would react the campers. They pincharon and they deflated the wheels of trucks, between insults and assaults, he says. The Counsellor has ensured that they had legal justification to act, tried to establish dialogue with the campers without success at all times and always complied with the legal precepts, and that if used violence was because the campers went from passive resistance to the obstruction and hostility. It has also highlighted that the police never sought confrontation.

Lies, things that are not certain Puig has listed a number of untruths, in its sole discretion. Between what has crossed out of lies, things that are not true is the picture in which a Mosso lifted the baton against a disabled. The Counsellor ensures that the agent does not hit, but that dndia, despite the fact that this outraged, Sebastian Ledesma, said in an interview that the Minister is lying. It has also defined false that he assaulted journalists, photo of a beaten indigent, that one protester had been operated in the Hospital Clinic and the pictures that looks to the outraged sitting peacefully and not throwing stones or uploaded to cars patrol, such as Puig ensures what happened. It’s a lie, in his opinion, the anonymous letter from a mosso who is ashamed of his performance, the insulting comments on Twitter attributed to his person and profile of a mosso on facebook who gloried in the violence exercised. An individual who is not mosso, but an urban guard which the Barcelona City Council has already opened an information package. Restitutir the good image of the conseller Moss has assumed full political responsibility for what has happened, pledging to restore the good image of MOSS, which according to him has been damaged, and to study preventive mechanisms against violent men. Source of the news: Felip Puig: ‘I regret the wounded of this police intervention, but I think that it was necessary’

These three resignations had ceased to TC, from which 11 judges, part one unprecedented situation, since neither has covered the vacancy left by Roberto Garcia Calvo, who died in May 2008. On 11 January the Constitutional Court was renovated partially with the appointment of four new judges who were appointed by the Senate (the former President of the Council General of the power Judicial Francisco Jose Hernando, Professor Francisco Perez de los Cobos and the professors also Adela Asua and Luis Ortega). Lack of progressive judges the new situation would leave a precarious progressive majority in the constitutional. Two of the judges who dimitian are progressive (Eugeni Gay and Elisa Perez Vera) and another is conservative (Javier Delgado). In the new distribution of forces the Progressives would have five judges: President, Pascual Sala, Luis Ortega, Adela Asua, Pablo Perez Tremps and Manuel Aragon, although the latter has been cleared in this sector in some controversial decisions, such as the recent ruling about Bildu or the Statute of Catalonia, in which he voted with the conservatives. Judges Francisco Jose Hernando, Perez de los Cobos and Ramon Rodriguez Arribas, framed in the conservative bloc is somewhere in another block. The Court article 23 of the organic law of the Court (OLCC) Act as causes for dismissal of judges, among others, the resignation accepted by the President of the Court and the expiry of the period of his appointment. It also says that the cessation or the vacancy in the Office of judge of the Constitutional Court, in the first and second cases, as well as the death, will decree by the President. For this reason, the note said that still referred to the resignation as first cause of cessation of the judges of this tribunal and being the reason given establishing also cause of termination, this Presidency () will decide as soon as on the resignation made after assessment of the conditions that ensure the most complete and correct functioning of the tribunal. Source of the news: the President of the Constitutional does not accept the resignation of the Vice President and two judges

Someone is lying with regard to photo removed in Extremadura. And in this interview the actress Blanca Portillo assures that she is not. For the first time, after the announcement of his resignation, he has spoken with clarity subject taking advantage of an essay of the work Antigone (which debuts in Merida on August 11) next to Chusa Martin, Co-Director of the Festival de Teatro Clasico de Merida. Both disseminated yesterday a note in which they accuse the Extremadura Government and the Ayuntamiento de Merida, in the hands of the PP since the last election in may, you have them pressed to remove a photo of actor Asier Etxeandia, naked and with a religious image on the genitals, in the dressing rooms of Sergio Parra exhibition, organized by the Festival. Something that the Minister of culture, Trinity Nogales, has refused. Numerous requests from both City Hall and the Ministry of culture and education were so photography was removed from exposure, even though these requests were always made through third parties, except by the own counselor’s Culture, through telephone call to Blanca Portillo, said in the note. Shortly afterwards they chatted with this newspaper. Source of the news:: “do not lie; If you are not true to your heart you are lost”

The sector, however, does not enjoy good health. Up to August, sales of homes in Spain had chained 17 months of falls, but in September there were 25.985 operations, 0.9% more compared with the same month of 2011. A change of cycle not being, however,: is that in 2013 disappears the deduction for purchase of principal residence. Negotiation or refinancing you can defer mortgage payments to add to the outstanding loan amount or postpone until the end of the operation a percentage of the capital (BBVA has implemented it); also lengthen the payback period without that this generates interests; or grant credits bridge, at a more affordable cost, families in conditions of family insolvency, as proposed by Adicae. The Popular Bank claims that it has renegotiated a reasonable volume of mortgage loans, about 2,800, and other 1,200 in concept of novation in recent years. Dation in payment supposed to deliver housing to pay off the mortgage debt with the Bank when there is a consolidated arrears, but without recovering already amortized.

It is something negotiable, although it is not compulsory nor is provided for in the law; He also had a voluntary code of good practice s approved by the Government a few months ago. Banking is not the work, though entities such as Bankia have revealed that they have accepted the delivery of the House at 4,300 times between 2011 and 2012. The Ombudsman proposed that the dation in payment was accepted, for example, in cases of irresponsible granting of credit. In other legal systems, insists, is released from the debtor of responsibilities delivered once the House, but in Spain not; In addition, the user responds with all its present and future assets if there is still an outstanding debt with the Bank. When you opt for the embargo without admitting the dation in payment, families are still bearing mortgage debt after running out of House.

United Kingdom. The process for evicting a person can be long and fraught with appeals by both parties. The credit institution is obliged to sell the property at the best price, but if the sale does not cover funds they must raise, will happen then the difference of the debt to the to the mortgage. If the person can’t pay what you owe, you can always declare bankruptcy. Ireland. The majority of mortgaged housing evictions occur on a voluntary basis, according to data from the Irish Central Bank (ICB). Day today, the Bank and the mortgage deals with this issue through the so-called process of resolution of mortgage debt (MARP), designed by ICB and on many occasions resulting in the restructuring of the debt or the enactment of the housing to avoid a lengthy legal process of eviction.

Holland. After four months of non-payment of the mortgage, the Bank gets in touch with the person who has signed the credit and if there is perspective that will improve the financial situation of the owner, is usually agree on a transitional measure of payment which is temporarily lowers the income. In extreme cases, the same owner is selling the House or, if not, is the Bank who auction, a method through which the debt is settled. United States. Yes There is the dation in payment, but legislation varies according to the States and there are many exceptions to the rule. In some cases, if the resale or auction of the housing does not cover the accumulated debt is to confiscate other property of the debtor. In addition, the debtor can enter part of a list of defaulters who will almost impossible for years access to any type of credit.