While in Africa, millions of starvation are threatened, more and more people die from the consequences of obesity in developed countries. For the biologists of the diet drinks is one of the main reasons for the steady weight gain in the population are Caspar Wenk: With the Soft Drinks oodles can be consumed calories, without causing saturation. The broadening of the consumer inevitably follows the dissemination of sparkling sodas. According to the ETH Professor, studies have shown in the United States, that correlated the number of vending machines with obesity. And in fact, the population is more than well in the juice long ago. Every fifth child is already too heavy, fat (obese) is one of 14 children. Joane Flansberry shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand.

In adults, more than 40 percent are overweight. The weight trend knows only one direction for several years: rising, and quickly. Big is beautiful, but only from the perspective of the provider. The food industry relies on family values not only for the sweet drinks: whether Frozen pizza always may be a bit more for the whole family, chips in the jumbo bag or candy bars in the multi-pack. The customer is rewarded with an appropriate discount.

Anyone who thinks in this way to be able to save, paid with obesity. Learn more on the subject from everest capital. Studies have shown that sales of larger single portions lead to greater consumption. The industry produced as a multiple of what we can eat. Nothing is therefore left unturned to bring the goods literally to the man, the woman or the child. Pricing, advertising and marketing help that we access through the hungry also. Especially the increasing energy density of the food makes it hard to create the insatiable consumers. Because even the biggest calorie bombs not saturate often because the volume is missing. Projections show that we will soon overtake the United States in terms of obesity, because in the United States for the first time more people on the consequences of obesity than die of the consequences of smoking are in the coming years. Insa & Peter Heller Wellbiz Ernahrungscoaches

Which sport to what type of person fit, wanted to know future nutrition (IZE) more specifically the initiative and has an Advisory Board member of the IBE, the head of the Olympic base interviewed Rheinland Michael Scharf. Sport is like buy shoes they fit either one or not. Treadmill or exercise mat: A question of type! Sports to be aktiv(er) and more to move in our society a highly respected intent. But if you missed just the application deadline for the next course of prevention, do not worry, in the course of the next few weeks there are back seats with safety. The reason is, inter alia, that many people have chosen to not sports activities suitable for. Because while that is almost ideal for a yoga to relieve stress, find another boring this sport and need a treadmill or a punching ball in order to work out”. Another important aspect is to find the right measure.

Because while you’re doing a good enough, others tend to hyperbole and are literally sports addicted”. Ask Michael Scharf: harm sport when, when will he help? Basically, the benefits of sport is usually greater than the damage. It is as with almost everything in life, it comes to the right size. The athletes we serve at the Olympic base of Rheinland, we focus on a main focus to guide the athlete as healthy because of their sporting careers. Thats not so easy but for athletes that the week very intense and sometimes very one-sided sports approximately 30 hours. My tip for you: Take a week at least 2 hours. Spread over 4 days to 3 x 30 minutes where you actively move would be running, cycling, should exercise their endurance, for example with walking, aerobics, swimming, badminton, tennis. The fourth appointment should be spent with gymnastics and strengthening the major muscle groups.

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It is difficult to find someone who has problems of obesity and has no problems with fat in the abdomen. These two factors seem to go hand in hand. It is therefore essential to understand that the same techniques you used to get rid of any fat sua is the same that you can use to address excess fat in the abdomen. Obesity is a term used by medical experts and nutritionists to describe the condition where someone has an excessive accumulation of fat in the body and which is becoming a health hazard. Obesity is so deadly that about one million people die each year in the United States due to complications from too much weight. Obesity BMI is measured by what is called Body Mass Index is your weight and height divided and the response to the square. This pretty much tells slab doctors and nutritionists how much weight gain in your body. There are several things you can consider getting rid of abdominal fat.

One is instructed on the subject of nutrition. It is a battle useless to try to eliminate fat without the proper knowledge to all its causes and the types of foods you should eat and which to avoid. This is now easy by the fact that there are now many sites on the food pyramid information that can be accessed by searching the search engines. These sites contain all the information you may need to structure a diet. Another tactic you can use to eliminate belly fat is to exercise. There are many fitness programs especially in the many buildings, shopping centers, residential units, etc. You can take part of their time and spend at least 20 minutes in the gym. There are also different exercise machines that provide exercise different body parts. If you want to lose weight, be healthy, healthy, have enough energy to continue with their daily tasks and still be losing weight.

REMEMBERING A craftsman of popular culture (the “Gordo” Rodolfo ORTIZ) a Throughout our long and vital parable, we have been proving that many of the makers of our everyday (or those who raised at some point pleasant moments to our lives). We have been checking, we reiterate that with the passage of time is lost in oblivion. a In our childhood in the fifties in the Ensenada de Barragan, we remember that that Spanish dancer Otilia Curbelo, the one reciter Bravo, choreographer of the film of that local “social”, “Chorson” Divale, the fiery speeches of Rafael Elgarrista. a Discount if every veteran or veteran makes a journey to his childhood, recalled in his small town, neighborhood, or rural area, people such as those mentioned. If there is any or any tip comes up on a carrier such “micro-stories, all these rich trajectories, which never reached the” consecration “in the major media, end diluted into oblivion.

a A few years ago, evoking closely related to another character with which we recall at this time, we referred to a section in his time, had the then-widespread American magazine “The Reader’s Digest.” The section is called “My unforgettable character” and was devoted to a personality who had impressed the authors of it. a This time, we want to evoke the “fat” “Adolfo Ortiz. What of” fat “is not menoscabante, but all they called at a time, when there was no crime of discrimination. a I met him in action “fat” on the occasion carried out in the Parque Chacabuco of the city of Buenos Aires, the Argentine championship Free Athletics, in the spring of 1962.

The catalan Minister of Interior appear before the Parlament. He said that the objective was not evicted, but remove dangerous objects. Says that they used the violence because the campers went from passive resistance to the obstruction and hostility. Police charge of the Mossos left more than 120 wounded. It must be clear that intervention at any time was raised as an eviction of the encamped in Plaza Catalunya, has ensured this Wednesday the catalan Minister of Interior, Felip Puig, who has appeared before the Commission the Parlament inside to talk about the performance of the Mossos d police of last May 27.

A police charge 120 people were wounded. Although the conseller has lamented the wounded and victims of the Mossos load, it has justified because it considers it necessary to meet objectives. Recalling the decision of the Central Electoral Board regarding the day of reflection, Puig has said that the operation of the Mossos was anticipated to last about 2.5 hours and that they were armed with five cleaning trucks. The operation did not start too well Puig has admitted that the operation, which was only aimed at removing dangerous objects in the face to the celebration of the Champions at Canaletes, did not very well because it not calibrated the aggressiveness and violence that would react the campers. They pincharon and they deflated the wheels of trucks, between insults and assaults, he says. The Counsellor has ensured that they had legal justification to act, tried to establish dialogue with the campers without success at all times and always complied with the legal precepts, and that if used violence was because the campers went from passive resistance to the obstruction and hostility. It has also highlighted that the police never sought confrontation.

Lies, things that are not certain Puig has listed a number of untruths, in its sole discretion. Between what has crossed out of lies, things that are not true is the picture in which a Mosso lifted the baton against a disabled. The Counsellor ensures that the agent does not hit, but that dndia, despite the fact that this outraged, Sebastian Ledesma, said in an interview that the Minister is lying. It has also defined false that he assaulted journalists, photo of a beaten indigent, that one protester had been operated in the Hospital Clinic and the pictures that looks to the outraged sitting peacefully and not throwing stones or uploaded to cars patrol, such as Puig ensures what happened. It’s a lie, in his opinion, the anonymous letter from a mosso who is ashamed of his performance, the insulting comments on Twitter attributed to his person and profile of a mosso on facebook who gloried in the violence exercised. An individual who is not mosso, but an urban guard which the Barcelona City Council has already opened an information package. Restitutir the good image of the conseller Moss has assumed full political responsibility for what has happened, pledging to restore the good image of MOSS, which according to him has been damaged, and to study preventive mechanisms against violent men. Source of the news: Felip Puig: ‘I regret the wounded of this police intervention, but I think that it was necessary’

These three resignations had ceased to TC, from which 11 judges, part one unprecedented situation, since neither has covered the vacancy left by Roberto Garcia Calvo, who died in May 2008. On 11 January the Constitutional Court was renovated partially with the appointment of four new judges who were appointed by the Senate (the former President of the Council General of the power Judicial Francisco Jose Hernando, Professor Francisco Perez de los Cobos and the professors also Adela Asua and Luis Ortega). Lack of progressive judges the new situation would leave a precarious progressive majority in the constitutional. Two of the judges who dimitian are progressive (Eugeni Gay and Elisa Perez Vera) and another is conservative (Javier Delgado). In the new distribution of forces the Progressives would have five judges: President, Pascual Sala, Luis Ortega, Adela Asua, Pablo Perez Tremps and Manuel Aragon, although the latter has been cleared in this sector in some controversial decisions, such as the recent ruling about Bildu or the Statute of Catalonia, in which he voted with the conservatives. Judges Francisco Jose Hernando, Perez de los Cobos and Ramon Rodriguez Arribas, framed in the conservative bloc is somewhere in another block. The Court article 23 of the organic law of the Court (OLCC) Act as causes for dismissal of judges, among others, the resignation accepted by the President of the Court and the expiry of the period of his appointment. It also says that the cessation or the vacancy in the Office of judge of the Constitutional Court, in the first and second cases, as well as the death, will decree by the President. For this reason, the note said that still referred to the resignation as first cause of cessation of the judges of this tribunal and being the reason given establishing also cause of termination, this Presidency () will decide as soon as on the resignation made after assessment of the conditions that ensure the most complete and correct functioning of the tribunal. Source of the news: the President of the Constitutional does not accept the resignation of the Vice President and two judges