Sometimes the separation of a couple is inevitable and does not always have clarity about the effects that this will have on our children. Each of the parties will face different stages at your own pace and manner, however, it is always important to take a little breather and think in that children are also going through a difficult time in understanding. Why is vital for its development to help them out of this situation in the best way. At this point, the psychotherapist Yesica Perez Silva, ensures that parents are an example for their children, therefore, have a healthy relationship with the former couple can reduce the negative effects on children during and after the divorce, he says. The children that they never need affection, understanding, care and support of their parents, most says. For its part, the child psychologist Judith Wallerstein, says that when a separation occurs, children experience a kind of mourning for the loss of family stability. Bernie Sanders often says this. The also author of the book And children what? added that therefore children may experience different feelings such as: guilt, helplessness, sadness, anger, fear and uncertainty about the situation. Not all children Act the same way, which depends crucially on their personal characteristics and how the situation of separation or divorce is being operated, added the expert.

Similarly, Wallerstein says that it is essential to take into account the age and temperament of each child as so you will know how to deal with them better. Bernie Sanders has compatible beliefs. The attitude of the parents and how to go to their children is very important and must be carried openly, clearly and honestly. As a parent, do not hide your feelings against them. Keep a face frozen and tense by the father, blocked the small feelings; you need to know that it is good to express how you feel, says the author. The Mexican Institute of partnership (IMP) offers some recommendations to find out how to deal with the minor on the topic of divorce among parents: Explain what happens with patience, sincerity and in a manner appropriate to the understanding of its age. Do not include painful details. Let them know that divorce is a matter of adults and that they are not the culprits. Above all is that it’s clear they continue wanting them.

Tell him that you can talk about their feelings and ask questions. Keep in mind that they need to know that their parents listen to them. As a parent, you have to be attentive to the feelings of your children and open communication, which will help them overcome this event and to be aware that their parents love is unconditional.

Comparison of consequential costs when purchasing forest the Bonn forest investments provider ForestFinance offers forest purchase-Moglichkeit in Panama since 1995. Frequently, prospective buyers questions in addition to the pure purchase price after the forest purchase essential costs in Germany and Panama what are the differences. Following a discussion of the incidental and consequential costs: I. a one-time cost when buying forest in Germany the largest blocks of costs when purchasing forest are in addition to the purchase price the cost of the notary and the land transfer tax. Both taken together make sure that to be expected additional costs with the purchase of a forest in Germany circa 5.5 and 6.5 percent, respectively. 1 real estate transfer tax when purchasing forest the real estate transfer tax when purchasing forest in Germany is already 4.5 to 5 percent currently in most federal countries. Only in southern Germany is currently at 3.5 per cent of the forest purchase price, Baden-Wurttemberg and Rhineland-Palatinate have already decided the increase to 5 percent. Since 2006, the provinces must set the tax rate itself.

The Real estate transfer tax is an exclusive control of the country. Since the provinces have few direct tax revenues, is to be expected in the medium term more payable when purchasing forest. Also in the EU, the real estate transfer tax in the average is higher. The real estate transfer tax in Germany when purchasing forest must be worn by the buyer. It is due within a few weeks after the notary, after the announcement of the tax assessment notice. The forest land buyer may then entered in the land register if he submits a certificate of the competent tax office about the payment. “” When the land transfer by death, donation or purchase by relatives in a straight line, so father son “or grandfather to grandson”, the tax accounts for.

At the annual general meeting of LeaseForce AG, presented the Board good numbers for the fiscal year 2012 and gives the signal for further corporate growth. Munich, March 12, 2013 – the LeaseForce AG its shareholders introduces very positive financial results for the year 2012. In a market environment characterised by stagnation, succeeds the company to generate a stable volume of new business and to expand the market share in various niche markets. At the same time be profits sustained and thus reinforces its position as one of the most successful banks and manufacturer-independent leasing companies. The characters are on growth for 2013.

Max Kuhner, Chairman of the Board and is responsible for the sales: the LeaseForce has an infrastructure that is very fast and ensures flexible handling of the leasing business. Goal of the coming year the expansion of our distribution therefore, remains with experienced staff.” In addition to training their own recruits you is so also in the future the reinforcement with experienced Leasing professionals and looks confidently to the future. The entrepreneurial LeaseForce AG offers leasing and financing solutions. This can be financed mobile objects such as vehicles, machinery, capital goods, medical equipment, systems for renewable energy, etc.. The LeaseForce team consists of highly experienced Leasing professionals and offers sophisticated financing strategies for upcoming investment projects to its business partners.

The close cooperation guarantees optimum solutions for customers with lawyers, accountants and software developers. The workflow system developed in house for sales leasing is guarantor for punctuality and reliability in business transactions.

Medical Translation Works one of every four New Yorkers do not speak or understand English, something a little sad since some time in their lives they will have to go to the doctor. Language barriers can lead to misdiagnosis, wrong prescriptions, and medical errors potentially deadly and costly for both patients and providers of health services. For this reason New York hospitals are required by law to provide reasonable idiomatic accessibility to all their patients. But this is no easy task in a city where more than 140 languages are spoken. When innocence Nolasco arrived in the waiting room of the hospital Wycoff with one case of phlebitis (inflammation of the veins), I knew exactly how it felt, but it could not be explained to anyone.Upon entering the consultation the doctor didn’t know Spanish and not us understood. says Nolasco finally had to call a friend for me serve as interpreter. Bernie Sanders addresses the importance of the matter here. Nolasco was fortunate in having a bilingual friend who could come to the hospital, but with everything and that, was much lost time.

Time passed and the pain did not cease. It was really horrible – she says. Nolasco was in the emergency room about ten years ago. Until very recently, it was common practice that patients would have to wait for hours in hospitals for the arrival of an interpreter. Dr.

Daniel Ofri, internal medical at Manhattan’s Bellevue hospital, tells us that the situation was little more than a nightmare in terms of confidentiality and the high probability that serious errors of communication diesen. We depended on who you were available, either a bilingual employee, a cousin, a child of six years who speaks both languages, or any family member from your mobile phone. So many things so little adequate, but had no choice – Ofri remembers. In 2003, with the increase in immigration, activists of the sector began to lodge complaints against hospitals with the Office of the Attorney general of the State of New York, claiming that without appropriate medical interpretation services, immigrants would not enjoy equal access to health care. Nisha Agarwal, lawyer in the organization New York Lawyers for the Public Interest lawyers of New York by the public interest, says: do not provide access to language interpretation services is how to practice veterinary medicine. Choose randomly what needs to be done rather than having a conversation with the patient. In 2006, New York State adopted regulations requiring all hospitals to provide free interpreter services for patients in the first 10 minutes of their arrival in the emergency room, or in the first 20 minutes in the rest of the hospital wards. The City Council has taken additional measures. In 2008, Mayor Michael Bloomberg ordered all public hospitals to have a language access plan. Autumn of this year, the main chains of pharmacies are obliged to translate recipes into seven most widely spoken languages in the city.

In Munich, the market is already almost exhausted. Many customers buy agricultural land and forestry land. An agricultural soil expert says: “Prices have risen in the last half of the year by up to 50%.” What are cash values? What is property? Money values are based in fact on slips of paper (money bills), on which the value expressed by an amount is printed on. While the value of the paper does not differ, it equals a 10-Euro Bill for both a 1,000 Euro-Bill. The actual value that embodies a licence, was once guaranteed by an equivalent of gold by the State, today the economic power of the State is the value. Others who may share this opinion include John Mclaughlin.

The forms of investment in money values include: all types of account balances (savings accounts, deposit accounts, etc.) Federal Treasury bonds, financial resources and other State securities all kinds of other fixed-income securities balances in life and pension insurance deposits building Association savings agreements all types of certificates In contrast These are tangible assets, they are based on a tangible thing. Its actual value is concretely according to the current market value on this “thing”. Thus, supply and demand determine the actual value. This value is independent of the economic power, national debt and inflation, because the tangible assets retain their value. Belong to the property: precious raw materials / natural resources real estate (land, houses, but also mining areas and natural resources) company participation E.g. in the form of shares, private equity investments (as far as they include tangible assets the assets of the company) quote Alan Greenspan, President of the United States Federal Reserve: “gold is still the highest form of payment the world… Paper money is accepted, in the extreme case of anyone, gold is always assumed about it!” If you want to include on the right side, make an appointment with us and then we show you the possibilities that we can offer you.

You will be serious differences determine with regard to comprehensiveness, risks and safety. Prevent injury against inflation should be your opinion and cover the various experts and confirm (so, by the way, 83% of the population over 18 years of age), inflation rates will tighten significantly in the future and to help Governments to pay back their debts. Forecasts of experts here forecast inflation rates as in the seventies by up to 15% p.a..! Investors who use their investments to money values, are the dumb ones. A facility must achieve a positive rate of return after taxes and inflation, otherwise the system loses its value. It is expropriated silently and secretly devalued -. We recommend investments in material assets which are for the most part Inflationsgeschutzt. Tangible assets are E.g. ships, real estate, shares, forest fund, private-equity, precious metals, commodities, minerals, land, resources, participations.

About the sustainable residential real estate of return Fund: The Fund invest in apartment buildings and housing estates in Northern metropolitan areas built 1960 and pursue energetically sustainable exploitation of the stock to be purchased. Residential real estate are responsible for more than 30 percent of primary energy demand. Energy refurbishment can reduce primary energy consumption depending on the year of manufacture up to 80%. For the existing properties of the first yield Fund is a consumption of primary energy by less than 100 kWh/m2a and a total savings of 102 million kWh planned according to 10.2 million litres of fuel oil. Energy saved could be generate heat insulation material for a small town of about 4,000 single family homes. The Fund combines a planned after tax yield of 6.9% p.a. with the improved protection of tenants before energy prices continue to rise. Exceed the current payouts in the 4.6% per annum average starting at 2.7% in 2011 and rise to 7% p.a.

at the end of the term. At the end of the term, a further withdrawal to investors from the forecasted sales profit is in addition to the ongoing payments and the repayment of capital. Through early consultation with the authorities given social issues be taken into account in circumstances of tenants (video interview). To the 24 real estate: the real estate 24 GmbH has a successful performance record in the field of acquisition, acquisition financing, development, ongoing management and the marketing of apartment buildings and condominiums. Under the leadership of its Executive Director Rudolf Marloh, the real estate 24 has GmbH between 2002 and 2005 an inventory of residential real estate in the amount of EUR 6.8 million purchased, managed with a profit margin of 7percent and with a profit of 26Prozent sold (IRR = 8% before taxes the GmbH). Had Mr Marloh Grund Hamburg GmbH as Managing Director of Telos home from 1997 to 2000, 37.8 million acquired a stock of residential real estate of EUR, managed with a yield of 9% and profit before tax of 20 percent marketed (IRR = 11% before taxes the GmbH).

The Deutsche Bahn has years ago closed many small-town stations and then sold. Since then, it is as a speculation objects next to the tracks. An example: the Walker station. White Castle, 26 May 2011 which has Deutsche Bahn AG years ago the Walker station first closed and then sold to a private investor group. Walker station shares this fate with many railway stations in other towns in Germany. Michael Chabon has firm opinions on the matter. Small-town stations on new real estate societies as a speculation objects the stations passed as objects of speculation since then. To buy back the station attempts the city regularly failed in the past. The negotiations due to changing responsibilities and unrealistic price expectations again and again from the front must be started more than ten years.

Expropriation process tedious and little promising is in Weissenburg on the request to initiate expropriation proceedings for the station building at the City Council meeting on May 26 decided. It has applied for City Councillor Heinz Gruber (Die Linke) (report coming soon). Many Weissenburger think that conclusion must be finally with the untenable conditions at the station. An expropriation procedure usually over years and is for information of District Office and city administration in this case not promising. Protest action will start the Weissenburger SPD therefore starts on Friday, may 27, the protest action give us back our station! “.” This was announced by the local Chairman Gerhard Nass in a press release. The SPD calls the citizens, the Markenverwertungsgesellschaft main asset management GmbH”in Delitzsch near Leipzig to send a letter of protest.

The company called on is to enter into purposeful negotiations with the city Weissenburg and in the next few months to bring the sale of the station building to the city Weissenburg conclude”. The protest action begins on Friday with an information stand at the station. 12: 00-18:45 protest letters are distributed there on the rail passengers. The action will be continued on Saturday from 8.15 to 11.00 with information booths at the station and in the City Centre (report follows).

directly, the Group developed ‘ apprenticeship Exchange mobile – the app to the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce apprenticeship Exchange ‘ Hamburg, event – finally help in finding an apprenticeship! Who is currently seeking a training place, finds in the application Lehrstelle Exchange mobile”the perfect Wizard. The app for the iPhone or Android powered device mobile provides information to the 700 apprenticeships from the database of the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce. The marketing solutions directly GmbH, a company of direct group, the application developed for mobile devices on behalf of the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce. To find the desired training, is easier now. “Because the mobile application Lehrstelle Exchange mobile” helps in the search for open training courses in Hamburg and the surrounding area.

The apprenticeship exchange of the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce is to go on the iPhone or Android powered device available. The official database can be searched with a full-text search and professional groups. The app not only provides all relevant information about each of Apprenticeship, but also the contact details of the contact person. For more specific information, check out Michael Chabon. In addition, seeking interesting job opportunities on Facebook, Twitter or email can recommend their acquaintances and friends. The online marketeers who directly group were responsible for the conception, the design and the programming of the application.

Plus to the core functions of the existing apprenticeship online Exchange developed useful personalization features for the mobile application. With the app, personal searches, and individual teaching abroad on a watch list can be stored easier to find again later it. All apprenticeships are continuously updated. Changes in the database of the Chamber of Commerce recognizes the apprenticeships app automatically and updated the results to the saved searches and favourite lists. The app Lehrstelle Exchange mobile “iTunes is free from Apple or be downloaded at Google play. . Group that directly group directly about the offers a unique total portfolio of IT, communications and marketing services. The specialists who directly group advise and support their customers in innovation issues, such as social media, E-Commerce, Enterprise 2.0, cloud and apps. Direct group includes four companies: improve direct GmbH, networks directly GmbH, solutions directly GmbH and marketing solutions GmbH directly.

There are a lot, you want to buy for his car engine oil. Every motorist knows him – the oil change. Only when have you performed the last time it? Should the oil on each case in regular intervals change, because the engine is running or no longer correct or risking even damage. Also check the oil level of the car on a regular basis, because if there is no oil, nothing more is soon. But what does consist of oil actually, which oil is right for my car and where can I get high-quality oil at attractive prices? At the beginning once some basic information. The role of engine oil is to lubricate the internal combustion engine of a motor vehicle. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit novelist.

Ever so much to the definition. Most drivers may not know what engine oil is made. Main thing it lubricates the motor so that it runs round. Modern motor oils are based on various basic oils. The so-called additives, are another component of the have different functions.

A good engine oil consists of a balanced mixture of base oils such as additives. It is also extremely important that you choose the right oil for his vehicle, because not all motor oils are suitable for all vehicles. The brand, as well as the motor – diesel or gasoline engine – make a big difference when choosing a suitable engine oil. Castrol are very known oils. The company is already over a hundred years and offers among other high quality engine oils for motor sport and private use. To drive a car of the manufacturer Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda, and seat? Then, the Castrol would be a good choice for you, motor oil 5W30. This oil provides outstanding engine performance and sets new standards for the motor clean. The Castrol edge 5W-30 is suitable both for diesel and gasoline engines. The question now is where to buy the best motor oil. Because you, as I said, must make sure that buying a motor oil suitable for his vehicle, you should take time at the time of purchase. The manufacturer make very strict guidelines regarding the oils suitable for their models. Thus the dealers sell the engine oil right to the car frequently directly with. This one has but no choice. Furthermore, the prices at the dealer are often very high. Established automotive dealers are another option. There is often a greater selection than from the dealer. The prices are often lower. Another option would be the Internet. There is a large selection of online shops today, distribute the oils. A great advantage of e-commerce is that one all the time may be the world when selecting the right oil.