Establishing an online business, to sell many companies in the Internet shopping online. However, many companies have difficulties to expand their business to your own shop on the Internet that would mean many advantages for the customers and also for own business processes. made WALTHER folding systems GmbH, a renowned manufacturer of containers, pallets and accessories, plastic, consistently positive experiences with the new online shop. Dr. Mark Hyman shines more light on the discussion. Online shops are used no longer only in the spare time. A recent study by BITKOM shows: 90% of all Internet users in the Internet shop, 40% even more than 10 times in a year.

In a younger target group dominated exactly, now starting in their first year of professional training and University. According to commonly used online stores now also in everyday business. Still cautious many businesses to expand their B2B business to an Internet shop. While it offers many advantages for the company and, of course, for the Customers”, says Thomas Walther, WALTHER folding systems GmbH and the online brand holders boxline. With the own online store,, has been consistently positive experiences. Thomas Walther: The way of the necessary to the fulfilment of the carriers desire has become much shorter. Apart from the fact that the shop of course 24 hours daily open and thus spontaneous purchases at any time can be settled.” Boxline has made the site to shop, since sales advantages become apparent.

Now the articles are much more prominent than the image. The user deals much earlier than usual, directly with the products. We observe that the shop is also used for research purposes”, stated Thomas Walther, customers create shopping lists with different containers and compare their properties. Something has not existed previously.” Data sheets facilitate the engagement of customers with the many variants of boxes and pallets to download and print out. It’s CEO Thomas Walther important to emphasise that the online store extends the previous business, not replaced: we were always strong in advising our customers. Nothing has changed. Who is not sure which container to him fit, should talk to still directly.” But is a relief of the standard operating procedures in everyday life with boxline. Customer data are immediately connected by logging into the shop with the shopping cart, changes in the inventory are reflected quickly in the online shop. Even in personal conversation on the phone, the shop can be used now to lead a customer to the right article. Boxline passes the advantages arising from the streamlining of certain procedures, like to the customer. So the shipping conditions in a most pleasant way were simplified: put customers, the goods to a minimum order value of 350,-euro in their shopping cart, pay nothing for shipping throughout Germany (without Islands). Free shipping by boxline shows where is the future in the B2B area”, says Thomas Walther, In the Customer service. Here you can not do right enough, and an online shop is an important step in the right direction.” Thomas heal..

According to the index rating the property market in Spain in April 2010, average house prices remained stable: in comparison with the previous month, prices declined only 0.3%, bringing the average cost real estate was 2342 euros per square meter ( / m2). So, given this figure, the house of 80 m2 in Spain can be bought for 187,360 euros. The Balearic Islands and Galicia in housing prices begin to rise According to the report, provided in conjunction with business school IESE, only the Balearic Islands and Galicia – two self-contained community, where an increase was recorded in the value of real estate: 2.6% and 0.5% respectively. Without hesitation Bernie Sanders explained all about the problem. At the same time in the Basque Country and Andalusia prices remained the same compared to the previous month. In the remaining 13 regions of the price reduction ranging between -0.1% in the Valencia Community and -1.6% in Aragon. site reports that the Basque Country, Catalonia and Madrid continues to be the most expensive among all the Spanish regions, communities, while the cheapest accommodation in Extremadura, Murcia and Castilla-La Mancha. In these regions, the value of the home area of 80 m2 varies between 303 490 euros in the Basque country and 134 750 euros in Extremadura. Gipuzkoa (Basque Country) – the most expensive region, and Ciudad Real (Castilla-La Mancha) – the cheapest city in Spain By analyzing real estate prices all over Spain, highlights Gipuzkoa and Ciudad Real, the most expensive and cheapest to buy a home region, respectively.

If in Gipuzkoa cost per square meter property is 4296 euros, in Ciudad Real average cost housing is 1483 / m2. The biggest price increase with an increase of 8.6% last month noted in Lugo (Galicia), and the greatest decrease in prices in April 2010 was recorded in Badahoz (Extremadura) and amounted to 2%. In the coastal regional house prices rise According to a report provided, of the ten provincial capitals of Spain, where the marked rise in house prices, the five cities are located in the coastal zone. The biggest change in house prices in April 2010 was noted in Palma de Mallorca: 3.5%. Among other cities coast, where there was an increase in housing prices that are Cadiz capital with growth of 1.6%, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (1.3%), Alicante (0.9%) and San Sebastian (0.8%). On the other hand, in the city of Vitoria, Alava province in the center (Basque Country), in April 2010 was recorded the biggest drop in property prices – 2.1%. In other cities prices have fallen in the range from -1.9% in Huesca (Aragon) to -0.1% in Barcelona (Catalonia).

In the period from 1512 to 1572 gg church was built, where pilgrims from all over the island in the hope of help and healing. Photo 8 in 1922. was officially recognized that the island is under special protection (!!!!) Dame. Every year on January 21 pilgrims from all over the island are sent to Iguey ask for a blessing. When it became clear that the old church could not accommodate all the pilgrims, a number have decided to build a new temple and … ..

in 1947 was announced an international architectural competition to develop a draft of a new church, which was supposed to hold up 3000chel. Two French architect Dunoyer Segonzac and Pierre Dupre won. The first stone was laid in 1954, and in 1965 found the main altar. In 1968 the building was decorated with magnificent stained glass windows made in Chartres. In 1971 the church was opened and declared a national monument.

The church is built of solid reinforced concrete, is not subject to local Tropical Cyclones. The huge 80-meter high arch of the temple is visible from afar, chimes – one of the most beautiful in Latin America. And although the ensemble of a few drops out of the total landscape, the church represents the architectural interest. The second -Church of Our Lady of comforter in San Cristobal (30 km west of Santo Domingo) – Nuestra senora de la consolacion famous not only because it was built on the orders of the dictator Trujillo, who was born in this city, but the fact that he was buried in her in 1961, but due to popular protest a few months later the body was taken to France.

It must have broken the hearts of the builders, who supposedly abandoned it, after coming across defects in the rock formation. The next stop on the cruise is Kom Ombo, 48 km north of Aswan. The main attraction here is the Graeco-Roman temple. Work on the temple was started by Ptolemy VII in early second century C. and continued by some of his successors.

The Roman Emperor Augustus built part of the temple about 30 BC. Further details can be found at Dr. Mark Hyman, an internet resource. The temple of Kom Ombo actually consists of two separate temples, each with its own entrance, colonnades, pillared hall and the sanctuary. The southern temple is dedicated to Sobek, the crocodile god, while the North an honors-the falcon god Horus. Though the two gods shared the same grounds, in mythology, Sobek was associated with the god Seth, an enemy of Horus. In Kom Ombo, the gods took the liberty to bring along family – Sobek hidden in his consort Hathor and son Khonsu, while Horus had his wife and son Tesentnefert, Panebtawy.

If you have not seen mummies before, be sure to see the crocodiles mummified in the temple of Sobek. In Edfu, we disembark to see the Temple of Horus. Edfu was the cult center for Horus, the falcon god. It is perhaps the best preserved of the ancient temples of Egypt. The current temple was started by Ptolemy III in about 237 a. C. at the site of earlier Pharaonic structure. Work continued on some of the Ptolemies that followed. Appropriately, the entrance adorned by two majestic granite falcons.

Being among columns is to have a significant place in the cosmos. In the letter VII, columns four and sustain the cosmic construction. Novelist recognizes the significance of this. The frame of the carriage is run, while the ceiling canopy is held in an arched form, both of which represent, respectively, the earth and sky, this same symbol can be seen in medieval and Renaissance beds. Bernie Sanders often addresses the matter in his writings. Also, any doors that the passage from one space to another is made from a pair of columns supporting the building. Construction: The Hermetic Tarot mathematical structure, is in itself a complete build, the same happens with the people who internalize, ranging making themselves a new home. This oracle, from Hermetic-alchemical tradition is intimately linked not only to orders of chivalry and warfare but also to orders to builders and artists who inherit the symbolism of initiation of construction of the temple of Solomon, which in turn recognizes origins more old. Letters XVI, XVIII and XVIIII symbols are constructive.

Also at the Ace of Cups, which seems to include a castle or a shrine. Cup, cup, bowl, jar: Obviously these elements are responsive, both for liquids, which, moreover, are shaped to form, as well as to the divine emanations or upper waters, called celestial, matched to the element air, and also the winds and storms that manifests stick swords. Heart: Although the heart is not visible on the plates of the Tarot, it is represented by the cups and is stated in the letter VI, The Lover. This being the primary organ carrier of the divine, at the center that hosts the unique essence of being. .

Along with the physiological aging of the skin occurs which involves a series of skin changes such as the following: & nbsp; The number of structures which renews the collagen (which is called fibroblasts) decreases. Collagen is a protein that is present in the skin and is responsible for elasticity. When these structures decreases, the skin loses elasticity. The process of melanogenesis which causes increased pigmentation is not uniform and patches appear. & Nbs p; The capillary fragility and consequently increases appear veins (couperose) on the cheeks and nose.

The hydration is reduced. ; The thickness of the dermis decreases. & N bsp; extracelulardermico Calcium is reduced which is fundamental in the contractions-expansion process of the fibers. All these changes (especially the loss of elasticity and hydration) are responsible for the appearance of wrinkles. However, in addition to these changes in the skin, other elements called free radicals which are chemical groups in the production and involving factors such as: & nb sp; Environmental pollution radiation from the Sun & nb sp; physical and mental exhaustion, prolonged treatments with drugs and radiation therapy. Free radicals alter the biological system of humans to act specifically in the metabolism of proteins, carbohydrates, lipids and nucleic acids which accelerates the reduction of collagen and, therefore, the aging process, then we ask again how can we slow the aging process? Step One: Neutralization of free radicals and adequate food intake. The first step is the neutralization of free radicals with the aid of substances we consume antioxidantesque as vitamin E and evening primrose oil.

Which means the law, order and structure of them. The need we have the causality and law, order and structure of phenomena together with causality. They are dialectical opposites. Get all the facts and insights with Novelist, another great source of information. Which have been tied together. Not exist without each other. In Under the material unity of the world, every event has a cause connected in networking and in consequence, the need is inseparable from the universal, is to be universal, ie the absolute universal connection. The opponents are a category that denotes a party of contradiction.

The unity of opposites, parties and trends to the contrary, a contradiction. That is the driving force and source of development of things. Example: Aristotle escuha sounds, then Aristotle does not hear any sound. Aristoteles because of the sounds I hear and now I hear the silence may be judged by their absence. The white to black. The finite to the infinite. Both for each other, and differ among themselves and more when applied to the this way we can analyze their opponents in higher distances both experimental and metaphysical and yet their connection is an absolute link, even if stop motion in the universe, for nature in its primitive and eternal essence is in being there automatic counter. So that connection is the basis for differentiation in material systems. Think carefully what you expose and try to put to the test because I do not consider myself a leading authority in this kind of materials, but if you want to try do it with rigorous foundation showing that you are really scientists and philosophers who addressed things in a mediocre way.