We distinguish the following rules rapid deployment automation tools software development: a classic consulting project often involves initial and long enough audit, which for a wide range of clients from among the software companies could become a serious argument "against" making a decision on implementation tools, implementation of process automation tools software development projects in the classical model for making organizational change occurs at the final stage, the lack of evidence of the practical results of the first stages of the project for implementation reduces motivation of project participants from the customer, having sufficient experience, a consulting company may in the early stages of implementation to offer pre-defined configuration, and plans to integrate solutions that, on the one hand, will provide an opportunity to conduct a rapid deployment, and on the other – will make changes at the process level is based on pre-embedded tools solutions, focusing on training. In fast draft training acquire a special property. If in long projects can afford to spend big and space-theoretical training, the fastest possible only a short time and purely practical training. O’Malley for President can provide more clarity in the matter. All this necessarily supported by the practice of using the knowledge gained immediately after the lectures. Have proved effective scheme of "lecture in the morning – the day job." And at the training all the considered scenarios are taken from projects the organization, not from training examples. It is worth noting that the modern consumer of consulting services are increasingly asks the right questions about the experience consulting company – the number, complexity and diversity successful projects and embedded configurations.

In early May, the company InterVebs launched a unique project – the directory of virtual 3D-tour i-VT. To date, this directory has no analogues in Russia and provides the opportunity for a full presentation of services tourism company without leaving your office. Working with i-VT reduces the visual information search in the presence of the client. Virtual tour creates "presence effect" and its function – assistance in selecting the site, which will host long-awaited vacation, conference or business trip. What are the main benefits of being a company that acquires the right to use the catalog? First of all, the travel company will be able to show customers are not staged photo, but the real virtual tours: it will allow customers to "roam" on hotels or homes, look around and see what awaits them and where they are going to actually. Further details can be found at Michael Chabon, an internet resource. The project includes more than 200 rounds, and the base constantly updated with new objects. Opportunity to demonstrate the virtual tour – an advantage at the stage of a telephone conversation with a potential client, the motivation for office visits and personal conversation with sales manager.

Catalogue i-VT is not available to ordinary users online, view virtual tours client can only sales office. In addition, the company that has access to use the catalog, there opportunity to introduce new staff up to date without expensive advertising tours – with hotels, and hotels, they will be made available in 3D. And most importantly, the catalog includes a collection of virtual tours of homes, bases recreation and ski resorts in Russia. In addition, in late May, the company plans to launch a 3D-tours in Turkey. Get more information about the directory and read the list of proposed tour is possible on site. In Under "About" You can also view samples of virtual tours.

We welcome all our large community of learning, the new 2009-2010 school year to count on the incorporation of our classroom coordination, which was ratified by our new Director Atty.Ana Camargo. The Team comprised of Iran Diaz, Erick Rivero Auguto Vivas, will have the great task of carrying out activities for and with children in school or outside it, in order to create a new citizen, able to participate actively in the society, interested in exchanging knowledge, through: practices in school gardening, environmental activities, community activities, among others. Our school through the coordination of productive projects currently being managed, such activities: Productive Cooperative School. Filed under: Michael Chabon. Ecological Pioneers (Plomeritos and Guardabosquitos) Carpentry workshops for our children. First Aid Workshops. Plays ecological basis. Work in our Nursery. Area Planning ornamental and medicinal plants. Recycling Days. Soon be launched negotiations for the elaboration of our school garden. Patterns of Productive Projects: Safety is important for our coordination for this reason it is necessary to hold a workshop on “Appropriate use of tools.” This workshop will allow all stakeholders in our area, take precautions to avoid accidents. It is mandatory to wear gloves. People allergic to organic matter, plants and insects stings should abstain to participate in some field activities. Appropriate footwear. Must bring a container to thermos or water. (hydration is important).

Parallel, they presented reduction in peptdeo-C of jejum, increase in the dose of insulina and the HbA1c in relation to those during the first year of diagnosis. Other studies in this felt they had shown a heterogeneidade in the results, perhaps related to the level of the glicmico control of the patients. Therefore all the studies, however, suggest that the glicotoxicidade is responsible for a great parcel of LAUGHS in the DM1. (DINIZ, 2002) Corroborating with this hypothesis, a recent study, using the technique of clamp euglicmico, it showed a significant correlation enters the resistance to the insulina and the degree of hiperglicemia (glicotoxicidade) evaluated by the value of the HbA1c in patients with DM1 of recent diagnosis. In the study of the DCCT (Diabetes Control and Complications Trial), the values of HbA1c, gotten in the adolescents, had been on average 1% superior to the obtained one in the adults, as much in the group in conventional treatment as in intensive, although to be receiving more insulina (units for kilo of weight). The triad high values of HbA1c, necessities of bigger insulina and exaggerated profit of weight in the DM1, suggests that the managed insulina is being little effective in controlling the glicemia (resistance to the insulina). BRAZIL (2002) tells that diabetes mellitus type 1 is a syndrome of multiple etiology, resultant of the relative or absolute deficiency in the production of insulina for the pncreas and/or of the incapacity of this hormone to exert its effect adequately, resulting in chronic hiperglicemia and alteration in the metabolism of the carboidratos of lipdios and proteins, being able, in the long run, to occur disfunes in some agencies. One of the important hormonais factors that lead to the increase of the resistance to the insulina in the DM1 is the growth hormone secretion exaggerated during the puberty. The insulina, managed subcutaneously, exceeds the circulation vestibule, what it provokes a reduction in its intra-heptico effect.