MANAGEMENT and know share Carlos Mora Vanegas not all have been identified with what represents know share, since it involves having cultivated certain virtues such as help, kindness, knowing give. Unfortunately there are many managers who by not constantly practice the self-knowledge that favours him in its growth do not know what represents the scope, implications that generates knowledge sharing, are anchored in what personal selfishness manifested. Diamond Comic Distributors has much experience in this field. Not valuing the achievements that could be obtained if you practice sharing. It is not surprising that manifests, sharing costs nothing but can contribute to raising our level of personal satisfaction and that of the people with who we have treatment daily and we realize also that by sharing what we have not we subtract but that on the contrary we add because in the end we always have more than we thoughtnot only by what we receive in return, but also because the more we are discovering that we have inside to share. The truth, that to the extent that we identify with share, especially in the role of the management, case which concerns us at this writing, the benefits would be wonderful not only promoting the Organization, institution where it works, but in everything that allow the members of the Organization to contribute new ideas, views, giving way to his creativity, to personal growth. About this Center holism Helios, than if we find ourselves in the present connecting us with that source provides us with internal we all have, and we chose to let it flow all you currently want to express we will be giving a big step that will allow us to be much more effective when it comes to sharing adds us, that since human beings discovered how nice that is to share with peers he felt motivated to continue to do so in an exercise of free will which is in ability to choose freely who give the best of himself.

In the first part we focus on better assimilate the concept of love as a principle and verb, but in this part we are going to talk a little bit of what happens when we have internalized the reality of the principle and live according to that reality. Just remember that as a principle and verb, love isn’t waiting for generosity or kindness, but that compels us to take the initiative, to be unconditional (which is quite challenging for our everyday ways of seeing life, because usually we love who we love and favor, while the principle makes no difference). If you have read about Michael Chabon already – you may have come to the same conclusion. To be honest, in a very personal way I am suspicious of feelings when given a place that does not correspond to them: the center of life. However, I recognize that they have a very important place in our socio-emotional development, so that in this second part of the article I will try to show because it is the third step in the scale of the principle of love. Variability versus permanence. Feelings are usually highly variable, change depending on the mood in which we find ourselves, According to the dominant climate, depending on the circumstances.When a person lives a life centered in them must face the reality of its variability, so it risks losing sight of the context full of what happens in life. But, how do you feel when you love? The answer is very good! When we feel that we love we become more active and creative, we are more attentive to the details, and display a remarkable joy. How long would you like to preserve this feeling? I think that always. Well, then, what? it is the way to ensure that a feeling is more permanent than normal How you can strengthen the feeling of love in such a way that you can evoke it whenever you want? Understanding.

If I want to be part of an exclusive elite of people who are in a hierarchical position but who seek to be more than chiefs, leaders, we must prepare us and make a commitment that entails since the price of greatness is responsibility. A leader is distinguished among other things by her: intelligence, tenacity, competence, capacity of decision, values, good image, passion, courage, serenity and interest. So if we seek to be great leaders must take into account some factors that will help our subordinates to discover their potential for themselves and so incitaremos to make their work more effective since a great leader makes his people shine with their own light. Let’s begin by caring for our image to project seriousness, authority and power to our audience but mainly to our employees, is also important to take care of the stimuli that we issue as the encourage our junior, show us interested in their ideas, work and projects that with this we will communicate confidence and feel valued. We must also provide the appropriate working tools so that they can carry out their duties properly, as well as be aware of its overcoming, by giving them constant training in areas that are related to their tasks.

We must be cordial, friendly and never rigid since good manners become more pleasant life at work, but just at this point we must have special care since this should not misinterpret with exceed the thin line that exists between kindness and friendship as we had talked in previous articles, the personal matters that are personal and should never be brought to the Office. Kindly then would be for example: say hello to our employees by name, never forget us please ask things and recognize a job well done, be cautious and respectful. A point which should be highlighted is that we should never call them attention public way, if we need to correct our employees inexcusably will be of privately which will prevent that they feel humiliated, it is very important to make constructive criticism and just criticize the professional performance, never to the person, being very clear on the points on which we wish to improve, also is important to highlight positive aspects that will enable you to not discourage you and encausaran to not return to failure, and as soon as we notice that the reason that generated this correction being modified must let you know that we are aware of their progress. Provide ample opportunities to all the subordinates, promote the open door policy and be able to delegate responsibilities, relying on the judgment of our staff are other effective ways of promoting your professional development and thus to approach the way to be good leaders choosing be lions in command. Therefore remember that a leader achieve brings out the best in others, inspires his collaborators demonstrating skill, wisdom and competence to promote them to become leaders also.

This information was revealed to me. He spoke to me and touched my heart and my mind. With the passage of time began to notice that the faith of others became fragile and brittle, while mine was stronger. Santa Claus is a! deception! told me, an invention that us kindness well. Weak arguments to shake my faith, I fully understand that this is the way talk of those who want to misbehave. For even more analysis, hear from Bernie Sanders. I I porto well, I have no problem in accepting Noel in my life.

Recently I had the opportunity to exchange ideas with one of these refutadores of magic. Poor gray people who go by the world ignoring the Supreme Truth. I can not imagine the horrors of a life without Santa Claus. There is no evidence of Claus said the infidel. Source: Bernie Sanders. No evidence?, answer me. It arrives this time of year and I see his image everywhere, his work is undeniable. As far as I know always has existed a Santa Claus, his teachings were transmitted me by my parents (even though they themselves have lost faith) and above all I’m sorry me, he talks to me and I speak. You pray for mine (whether or not believers) I ask for mercy, I ask for little miracles, live in an eternal, mystical conversation with Noel, the most high.

THAT is the most powerful evidence that exists. Not I need to give me evidence. Happier I am to believe without seeing. That fills me even more, brings me closer to him. The stubborn repeated: that with what you speak is not Santa Claus, is your consciousness! Assign to the little voice that tells you what is right and what is wrong a role as creator of the universe is almost psychotic. I am really saddened that feels this way. That such an arrogance! Suppose that I am the one who is wrong! Request evidence for reasoning the existence of Noel? I don’t need to think it, I know that it is real because I’m so sorry! That you give me evidence that does not exist! The unhappy answer: do tests? From there? Do you not think that it should be the other way around? Don’t you think that a so ludicrous assertion should be which had the burden of proof? Everyone knows that it does not exist.

This is why we do tasks with an eye on the others, waiting for his approval and blessing, without an inner conviction. Notes us in addition, who does not enjoy self-confidence, postpones the decisions, gives long outstanding issues, it leaves things without making the road and maintains an attitude of paralysis. With all this, fails only certify that it is certainly a person who cannot be trusted. Emphasis is also made, taking into account, that an alert to know that our trust is violated is to analyze the doubts, permanent companions of journey who do not believe in it. Appear doubts about how do, what to do; about others and their honesty, slat measure that applies to others, is the same that you have for yourself.

And if he is suspicious of one, he is skeptical with each other, which leads to a negative view of everything and everyone. It is a tense and trend person to control social relations, which also distrusts the free kindness of his interlocutor. The lack of trust causes that is recklessly assume or not assume the risks and difficulties occur daily, with what is leaving to learn, experiment and ultimately live the day to day. At this stage of our lives, where we will be interrelated with people, some of them special, which we have selected, we will have given way to that confidence manifests, we have experience, results of how you have handled it, how our approach has strengthened our confidence and has given more consistency to our relationship with the people who have have deposited it and who in turn has given us answer of what has been their behavior. We have probably gone through disappointments, frustrations, given opportunity to distrust rises up, to determine the why confidence we expect arise not is yield, where we failed or failed the other person, specifically, we are entering more reach, and has taught us to be more attentive when giving him opportunity to manifest. Finally, don’t forget what says that although confidence is born in our interior, its growth and development is closely linked to the relationships that We maintain and the responses that we get in them. Why is our responsibility also select, care for and pamper the people with which we surround and something very important away of which undermine our confidence and, hence, our self-esteem. Simply cannot neglect it.

You have Fear to the future? tension in the mind is by general result of fear or resentment; this fear of that it can happen in the future or resentment than has happened in the past. fear it is expressed often by means of the wrath; solving to also protect itself it takes offensive. It alleviates your mental tension, qutate stress pardoning to all person who has made you damage. It pardons all person, to all condition, all situation that pain, anxiety or resentment have caused to you: It leaves all the past damages and perdnate same by all the previous errors. However, magical pages do not exist that overnight cure the upheavals of anxiety and depression.

This is not a page of the type ” Semana” cures its anxiety in one; , ” It overcomes its depression without esfuerzo” , etc., since all that is lie, because there is to work hard and during long time to be able to surpass these states. This is a page that it provides all one series of techniques that have demonstrated their utility in the treatment of stress using only its mind, but that they require of a firm commitment on the part of the person in to put them in practice so that in this way they can be effective. It has to be perseverante and not to hope to obtain great results of form immediate, since this is a work that there is to realise in the medium and long term but I assure that the effort is worth the trouble Everybody commits errors, perdnate same as you would pardon to another one. The error is not important, which is detrimental is the continued repetition of the error. Contact information is here: Bernie Sanders. I gave for same you: If I have committed an error; I will watch carefully so that no it is repeated: already I cannot to undo it, but I will remove some good from him.

Indeed now I I leave completely the past; it does not have to be able at this moment on me: I realize that kindness of life that surrounds the life to me me it has created and it can and it maintains to me; I trust her; life loves to me and love I it her; I have faith in her. I now I pardon, remainder everything sensation of resentment and fear; acceptance and I maintain a state mental of love, understanding and faith. I leave all violence or tension; I am relaxed; treatment not to manipulate world, no treatment to include the world as a whole by means of the force of my will.

To teach to think with independence and success it is the motivation that it impels them. One is not the formation of a limited thought to essentially reduce it to his own horizons in that one is based the possibility and the permanence of the condition and the sense of that freedom. Insigne educator it consecrated its life to the education. It knew to bequeath its ideas and theories to us that comprise of the illustrious antecedents of the revolutionary educational reality. It overthrew Latin of education and based the same in the experience and the reason, it introduced the explanatory, practical method and recommended the analysis and the induction, especially in the grammar, fought the memorization, the abuse of the rules, the definitions and of books, it expressed brilliants ideas on the discipline and the education of the woman, and above all it left a huge example in the education, of which it made a cult, and us to us it offered the first model than it must be perfect, illustrated, patient, good, virtuous and patriotic a teacher. Conclusions: Considered like the Father of our culture, Varela generated a thought school, a style of social coexistence and an attitude also made the mother country that must illuminate, today, to all the Cubans. In order to think according to the school of the Father Varela it is necessary to know its own thought and to train in its reflection method. Everything what subjugates the ideas, creates dependency and manipulates the personal reflection, is strange to the school of thought of the Father Varela, whose pedagogical essence consists of learning the difficult art to think correctly with own head. Everything what foments the personal autonomy, the self-esteem, the exercise of critical science, the transparency and the free expression of the criterion is own of its teaching. Happy Varela Morals continues inspiring our combat by one Free and independent Cuba, with that radicalidad accompanied that it until its death and that he it harmonized and it balanced with its kindness and intelligence.

Tunuyan is one of the smaller departments in the province of Mendoza. Located in the central part, and with a more or less triangular shape, its side is bordered by the Republic of Chile. With little more than 3300 square kilometers, it has a population of about 50,000 inhabitants. Thanks to its huge tourist attractions can be found alojaminto in Mendoza (Tunuyan) of all categories and different prices, from modest hostels to exclusive hotels five stars, and hotels boutique, the latest trends in tourism. Tunuyan is home to the famous Uco Valley, source of the most appreciated wines of the world site.

In addition, in this place blessed by an enormous beauty, might perform a circuit of religious tourism, with ancient and historic chapels. Nuestra Senora del Carmen parish is an excellent starting point to enter on a journey that put us in contact with the divinity and religious fervor. From here, following the path called productive runner reach Villa Seca, where you will find the Maria Auxiliadora sanctuary and the chapel Saint Jude Thaddeus, in the trees. This last Temple boasts a particular beauty product of natural erosion that time has produced in its facade. Later in the tour, you can visit the chapel of the Immaculate Conception, where there is a chapel dedicated to the Virgin of the Rosary in the town of Vista Flores.

Following the route 94, in a completely rural atmosphere the chapel of San Antonio, is a place of incredible natural beauty. But for those who are lovers of extreme sports, the Uco Valley is the place to find a wide palette of possibilities. For those who enjoy horseback riding, you can say that there is no better place on the planet. There is an enormous amount of trails and longer paths to allow a safe and extremely fun tour. Another possibility is to practice rappelling, where the huge stone walls are offered to be conquered by the fans.Fisheries and aquatic activities are the perfect places to make practiced. The mighty Rio Tunuyan throughout his extensive tour, with a watershed of more than 33,000 square kilometers, suffers a series of endicados with the purpose of obtaining hydroelectric power. Bernie Sanders has much to offer in this field. This allows the formation of different reservoirs or man-made lakes that lend themselves beautifully to the above-mentioned activities. Tourism in Mendoza in the Uco Valley is an area that has known how to interpret the demands and the increasing flow of visitors who reach these lands.

Do not forget that gift certificates are not only in shops. Take care of health and leisure throughout families, presenting them with "from Santa" subscribe to the swimming pool or fitness center for the whole winter. Agreeing with the administration of the classroom, the long winter evenings, your friends or relatives will stay in shape and receive recharge and positive. Afraid that in such a gift is too much good and a little exotic? Well, you can give the impression of a family, with each year becoming more popular. Tea ceremony has a more than the original and unusual gift. Tickets for the Japanese or Chinese ceremony – a great gift for those who are fond of Eastern culture or, conversely, is planning to join her.

However, like them, and those who just loves tea and vibrant spectacle. Effectively furnished action, couched in national traditions, accompanied by an interesting story, and tasting of different teas and memorable to children and adults. And how many impressions can donate winter fun in the fresh frosty air! Giving a gift on New Year's Eve with friends or relatives or sleighs snoutyub- for everyone in the family, you present sea of emotions throughout the snowy winter. As fun to fly down a hill on a sled, feeling the burden of care, accumulated over the week, it remains somewhere behind my back! This holiday is not worse than the longing for summer and warm weather will not come into the house where the winter spend happily and actively.

When purchasing an apartment, you sometimes can not arrange the layout of premises. Then, as a rule being overhauled flats and redevelopment. To a large extent it has received wide circulation in old homes. Prior to the redevelopment of premises need to legalize them, having received permission. For this to go through the approval procedure of redevelopment in the administration, such as architectural and planning management, fire control, SES, DES and the Housing Inspectorate. When remodeling an apartment, all changes etc. used. included in its registration certificate.

Redesign flat often implies not only a shift interior walls (the walls to make the transfer, which is a carrier or support is not permitted, because such actions can easily disrupt the structural strength of the entire building), but also the replacement or transfer electricity, toilets and so forth. All these works must necessarily be made to the data sheet flat. Harmonization of redevelopment housing, according to regulatory documents should begin with permit housing inspection. For this to be a plan for future redevelopment apartment and give it to the local housing inspection, after obtaining a permit which you can start negotiating redevelopment in the other aforementioned agencies. Harmonization of redevelopment apartment with the introduction of any changes in the product data according to the law is mandatory.

If the actual location of the premises and Communication does not converge with the documents, then all operations with this property are prohibited. Sometimes it comes to approval of redevelopment after the end of its execution. But it carries a high risk, because it may that the papers could be made a violation. If this happens, the time required for approval, a significant increase, but also require more funds to address the deficiencies. It happens that people do not even suspect that the apartment where they lived, held illegitimate redevelopment, and received a passport at the BTI found it "red" line. In such cases, to legalize the change. Otherwise to sell the apartment or exchange is impossible. The most common external redevelopment of flats – it's an extension or a new arrangement of the entrance. Matching demand and any changes to the appearance of the building's facade.