Policies for the protection of human rights and the creation of the Ministry of the environment. Because we are in the time of people and need concrete solutions. ESTABLISHMENT of the new Republic the conflict that led to the emancipation of Spain was developed in Colombia between 1810 and 1819. On July 20 in Santafe de Bogota began when a group of Patriots, using as excuse the denial in offensive terms for Americans of the loan of a vase that was requested to the Spanish Jose Gonzalez mourn you, started a revolt that gave rise to the cry of independence. As a result of this fact, the Creoles were replaced existing authorities by councils of Government. The Lancers sculpture homage to the armies that fought for independence. At this time there are two ideological currents: federalism and centralism, which gave rise to a military confrontation, and allowed the Spaniards, in charge of the peacemaker Pablo Morillo, reconquistaran territory in 1814.

This situation radicalized the independence movement and gave rise to the liberating campaign commanded by Simon Bolivar who with the battle of Boyaca on August 7, 1819 was definitive for absolute independence. Another factor that contributed to the revolutionary movement was the work being conducted by some Creole intellectuals, known as precursors, who disseminated the principles of freedom and equality. Between they are: Antonio Narino, Francisco Miranda and Camilo Torres. Bolivar was declared President of the Republic and Francisco de Paula Santander, who actively fought in the campaign, was appointed Vice President. In 1819 it was possible to realize the Bolivarian dream, that sought to liberated countries: the New Granada, Venezuela and the province of Quito, to form a single and powerful Republic. the Gran Colombia, ideal liberator made reality from 1819 until 1830. The Venezuelan Francisco Miranda conceived that continental political unity with the name of Gran Colombia, in honor of Cristobal Colon.

When do we stop playing? Man by nature, at very early ages, has a very different reality perception when it reaches adolescence, and or to maturity. Children we create characters, in suitable situations, to enjoy desired moments, with thoroughly pleasurable results. The reality is confused with the imajinacion that each wants to live. This is certainly a good strategy, to enjoy the everyday, we dream sense with a freedom that we then removed, that maturity that both children, and that when he arrives, both disillusioned us. The stark reality, we say. Do because raw?, also the reality can be cooked, at least children who still do not have the social formation, the adults, have cooked it with all kinds of ingredients, to enjoy unique moments and unforgettable. We all have memories of games, imajinarias, created situations for decorating moments of enjoyment.

Why the human does the need to stop playing?. Only in art you can live with a free imajinacion of social ties. The behavior of adults leaves much to be desired, with respect to the treatment we give to our soul. They say that when we die, the body loses 21 grams of weight, this is equivalent to the weight of the soul, like a little heavy thing, can alvergar so much sentiment?, and why neglect this part of our existence, that gives us so many veneficios? Why children have more enjoyment than adults capacity?, to case the understanding, and wisdom, restricts us our perception of pleasures?. It seems that if, but can not find any lojica reason, showing me that it is something positive for our existence.

Well, this means that increased knowledge, child enjoy, and how much more intelligent is one, less moments of satisfaction will have, therefore, does a person with little knowledge, and action towards life, less intelligent, more happiness?, seems that if, then, does that study mankind?, with purposes to dedicate almost a quarter of our life to study?, do so end utulizamos all these knowledge acquired over many centuries as it has this society?, if in fact all or almost all recognize that the important things in life, continue to remain the property of these single infimos 21 grams, and no knowledge that come in our books can make them happy. Simple behaviour of a child playing with the laces of your shoes can provide enough joy, to feed those 21 grams is supposed to have our soul. There is something that does not fit me. Why leave play humans?, must there be the problem. Surely with knowledge and experience, you can not play, then does will be better not to acquire knowledge, nor be experienccia, to be more children’s?, and, are therefore more happy?. Because something like it has to be. He will be. C Indalecio regueira.

We all like to entertain us watching television in our homes. But that best way to have fun watching our channel and our favorite movies on a LED TV. But the vast majority of people always wonder what is the difference between a LCD TV and LED TV. As we all know there is a very noticeable difference between these two types of TVs (LCD and LED), because that LED TVs are much more thin a LCD TV, LCD TVs also are much heavier than a LED TV and these illuminate the screen in series while the TV LED fully illuminates the display, (they are are things that we detected no), but it is good that we take into account these differences. LED TVs have become one of the options for video outdoors and in stadiums, since the advent of diodes ultra bright Electroluminescent and their respective circuits. The LEDs allow currently create large ultra scalable screens that other technologies cannot match. Has recently taken the initiative to apply this technology to household televisions. They acquire different characteristics from other types of display.

Lower consumption compared with LCD screens, increased durability, reduced thickness of the same, as well as greater contrast are examples of these features. As time passes and with TVs technology advances to a new form of high definition TV, LED TVs are what produce a higher quality image available on the market today. Any of you who are an amateur by a home theater or video games in high definition (HD), can get much benefit of LED TVs.

India has always been one of the favourite destinations for tourists from all over the world. Travel to India is synonymous with exotic spaces, culture, mythology, natural landscapes and culinary arts, as well as spirituality and meditation.In this article we offer advice as well as useful information to travel to India in summer, time in which India receives the largest number of visitors. Passports: Firstly, as in most of the trips abroad, we must have updated passport and validity; i.e., the passport must not overcome in the six month period following the presentation at the Customs Office. We must also count on the tourist visa, this is valid for six months. Generally, request a photocopy and original of the passages of round-trip and the preset route that will grant us travel agency that we have hired. Currency: The official currency of the India is the rupee, the easiest way is to take the money from the country of departure, or travellers cheques, this always will be more simple and more affordable than change the currency once has been reached. Legal tender coins can only be changed at bureaux de change.If we take euros, in India we find sites where you can change them.

Thus, do not need to change them earlier by U.S. dollars. Vaccines: dsi travels to india in summer, we must have the international certificate of vaccination against the current yellow fever 10 days before entering the country. Fine, now recommended to decide go on vacation there that, as a preventive measure, are also vaccinated against Hepatitis A and B, tetanus and typhoid. Special emphasis on the recruitment of some medical assistance insurance is made prior to performing the journey that once there, the conditions are not the most optimal.

It is also recommended to always drink bottled water, it must be boiled or sterilized in order to not contract diseases or risks during the stay.On the other hand, being summer, we must not forget bring an insect repellent. Hygiene: women do not find certain products with ease. For this reason, bring enough for intimate hygiene. Taxis and transfers: in some places, the cab fare may be paid previously depending on the journey that we make. If this does not occur, it is advisable to not warn the driver that is our first time in that territory or that we are tourists, since it is frequent that we charge more than the corresponding fertiliser.On the other hand, it also happens that taxi drivers charge certain fees to carry the passengers to different places. In this way, we should not pay attention when they inform us that our hotel is full, whereas us another room, etc. They are everyday false resources away from our destination and collect a Commission. Clothing: costumes for women in India differs greatly from the European or Latin. In summer, and almost any time of year, not very tight or provocative clothing is recommended. Convenient something loose to the body (wide trousers, smocks) and rather, short sleeves. Power supply: not recommended OK drinks, tea or food of any kind if we are not sure of its origin. To read articles from trips like this one, visit the Quehoteles.

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When we talk about direction in any aspect of life means having an orientation and clear path to the path that we must take, in literal terms sounds simple and easy to apply but when we talk about personal goals the task can be a little more complex it appears. Success begins with the vision, desire and perseverance, a people without vision perish the Bible says, when a person has no set powerful goals is enclosed in a routine of conformism. We all have dreams, but there is a problem, much discipline is required to bring about changes and most of the people tend to accommodate in certain situations, goals require serious commitment and is made an agreement with the subconscious mind as Andrew Corentt mentions it in his book the secret of the power of the goals that the agreement with the subconscious mind is not easy? The difficulty is that the subconscious mind does not work just as the conscious mind, one of the characteristics of the subconscious mind is the function with images and emotions coupled with the fact that it takes some time record certain information. Many people feel as if the world falls them above every charting determined goal, what happens here is that the mind is always fear of the changes, the more drastic change is greater resistance will mind, perhaps a person has 25 years of have a deeply rooted idea about a topic in particular, then it takes some knowledge and decides to change the original ideaconsciously that person now has an understanding of that topic, but at the subconscious level information is subject and does not want to be modified. Action is necessary because it convinces the subconscious mind, helps the previous idea go disappearing and in this way may eventually replace it, why the insistence on the new idea, in our goal, in our desire must be permanent.

Many times people give up just when they are about to make a big step forward. They lose focus on their goals and begin to look at the negative circumstances that surround them. They get tired of strive and do the same thing every day without tangible results. So is he has ever felt? Today I want to animate with 5 steps to help you to keep walking when the road becomes too stony. Step #1: Eye with your thoughts! Proverbs 23: 7 says, as a man thinks, so is.

If Ud is allowing thoughts of failure and defeat in his mind, then you are opening the door really take place in your life. Be very aggressive in protecting your mind of negative thoughts. As well said someone, cannot avoid the birds flapping around your head, but if you can avoid to make a nest there! Take time every day to fill your mind with messages of hope and faith in the Bible. Step #2: Do not be guided by their feelings bad feelings are sometimes unavoidable, especially when we receive disheartening news. However, we should not be guided by them.

Jesus had very strong emotions, but never acted according to them. He was always acting according to the will of his father, who does not know failure. Step #3 stay focused on your goal when Ud started his project, Ud set goals and was very excited to reach them one day. When we are facing problems, those goals, rather than approaching, seem to become more and more impossible to achieve. At that time the results that both long for getting blurred and are in danger of losing them completely from view. The best way to enliven our passion for our goals and have them always present, regardless of bad circumstances that surround us, is by using our imagination. Imagine how it will be when at last attain their goals. If you have difficulty with this, cut out images that represent your goals and paste them in your closet, in your bathroom and your car where you can see them every day. Step #4 be plain to make changes to adapt to new challenges at times we started to walk in a certain direction, assuming that it is the best way to achieve our goals. When things get color of ants, wondering if there is a more effective way of doing what you are doing. Step #5 better yet, ask a Dios No limit to their human skills, but ask God for help. He will always give abundant, and without reproach, wisdom to anyone who comes to receive from him. Is plain to leave its own agenda of side and let him take the hand to show you their own way of doing things. He is much more intelligent than Ud and want to Ud succeed in life much more than what Ud longs!

For many people there is concern and fear seek certain outcomes or goals because they are not sure whether that desire will remain, the important thing is to live in the present moment and what is believed and you feel at the moment that we intend to reach a goal, perhaps the desire can change over time, but while we do not experience different experiences and achievements our life will be dam of constant indecision. Andrew Corentt in his book the secret of the power of goals shows us the importance of the deep desire to realize that desire and live this experience throughout life we experience diverse experiences until we finally found something phenomenal for us. Some people find their mission very early and live your life to the fullest since very young, others takes them more time and they find it a few years later, the unfortunate thing is that some people never meet its mission and live a life of torture and frustration, this not can admit it. Most importantly, remember that we were born to be happy and we can contribute something to this universe in an extraordinary way, to find those large purposes as referred to in the book the secret of the power of goals we must meditate constantly, make us a self-assessment, overcoming many beliefs that us has been implanted and prevent us to find us with our true spiritual essence. It is necessary that you are in harmony with the current creator of the universe, with the true power, follow your emotion, your happiness, your happiness, what fills it with joy, peace, freedom and positive emotions, don’t let yourself be influenced by the thoughts and beliefs of others, follow your own path, read, study, analyze things before you follow a line of thought. Make your life a wonderful experience, set goals, powerful and irresistible, kept constant in the ideas I know that they will give you happiness, achieve life has always dreamed of, you deserve the best in the world.

For girls in the age of adolescence the physical aspect is paramount, the good thing is that you don’t need so much makeup to look natural and attractive, we give you some tips that will help you always look cool. You can use an eyering corrector to cover spots or pimples, the base is not recommended at an early age. You can place a compact powder beige or natural color, it will make you look a velvety skin. * With regard to shadows, trends for this temperament are the pastel shades. You can use an eyeliner eyes and mascara for lashes, in black or brown colors. ** Lips, pink colors are in fashion and the perfect icon are glitters. For boys (trends in dress) clothes for young people is growing every day and the recognized brands dedicated to creating the perfect combinations for look always modern. For this season the shirts to striped and patterned are the trend.

Fashion colors are: white, light blue, green and the pastels in general. Casual style will make you look a comfortable, practical young and always fashionable. Black never goes out of fashion a black shirt and sleeves give you a touch of elegance, soft fabrics are those that predominate for this season, you can look it in conjunction with a jean. You’ll be handsome and irresistible. Hair trends in hair for the boys is the short, smooth and empuntado upwards.

This same cut can be adapted to the fashion wearing the crest or the wave which is fixed with a gel. Another style are fringes which are achieved by cutting more than the sides, back and combing the rest forward. Anyone who is the look that you like, set it with a smile and they will give you the perfect style.

The sector, however, does not enjoy good health. Up to August, sales of homes in Spain had chained 17 months of falls, but in September there were 25.985 operations, 0.9% more compared with the same month of 2011. A change of cycle not being, however,: is that in 2013 disappears the deduction for purchase of principal residence. Negotiation or refinancing you can defer mortgage payments to add to the outstanding loan amount or postpone until the end of the operation a percentage of the capital (BBVA has implemented it); also lengthen the payback period without that this generates interests; or grant credits bridge, at a more affordable cost, families in conditions of family insolvency, as proposed by Adicae. The Popular Bank claims that it has renegotiated a reasonable volume of mortgage loans, about 2,800, and other 1,200 in concept of novation in recent years. Dation in payment supposed to deliver housing to pay off the mortgage debt with the Bank when there is a consolidated arrears, but without recovering already amortized.

It is something negotiable, although it is not compulsory nor is provided for in the law; He also had a voluntary code of good practice s approved by the Government a few months ago. Banking is not the work, though entities such as Bankia have revealed that they have accepted the delivery of the House at 4,300 times between 2011 and 2012. The Ombudsman proposed that the dation in payment was accepted, for example, in cases of irresponsible granting of credit. In other legal systems, insists, is released from the debtor of responsibilities delivered once the House, but in Spain not; In addition, the user responds with all its present and future assets if there is still an outstanding debt with the Bank. When you opt for the embargo without admitting the dation in payment, families are still bearing mortgage debt after running out of House.