Since mid-2006 was born the first version of Twitter, microblogging growth has been spectacular and your expectations for this year exceed 7 million users, according to Twitter Inc., which occasionally publishes some statistics on user registration through a post on Twitter Facts. Thanks to those curious and adventurous users, professionals, even the boldest brands that were released to the world of bird song, Twitter becomes day by day in a more interactive space where the vast majority of followers have their moment of glory retwitteados to be mentioned or included in the newborn Lists where you can organize people to follow and discover new interesting users. The estrellao this week is for and @ davidsp tweetporra have created an online space for football clubs, football fans where Twitter users can make their predictions on the outcome of the Spanish teams in both the league and the Champions League . Unlike houses bet online, where the sole purpose of making money, this is a more altruistic way to enjoy and share your knowledge of football, also put the result idea you'd like for your team. The club more attractive for this week is the match between Milan and Real Madrid in Champions League where users like @ misterjuanolo white bet for victory. Initiatives like this allow a better development of this social network which undoubtedly has much to grow, because this type of applications.

Like other tweetporra is very useful for users who more comfortable microbloging navigation and usability. Some of the most successful have had and have are: 1. a FileSocial for sharing documents via Twitter. 2. a Flick. to. twitt to publish photos on Flickr while generating a link on Twitter.

3. a TwitterMail to post to Twitter. 4. a Twitcam to share with videos recorded with your followers. 5. a Yfrog for share your images on Twitter. 6. a Twootles TEA search on Google and Twitter simultaneously. No doubt Twitter is full of opportunities for those brave who have a good idea and are willing to share with all fans of microblogging. Without doubt, Spain is a perfect market for the penetration of Twitter and its uses as holdings are in the world.

Of century XV to the XVI it takes place in Flanders a cultural Renaissance and artistic admirable, produced by the development of the commerce and the consequent formation of a well-off bourgeoisie, that buys and exports art works, it makes important donations religious, constructs palaces, buildings public, etc. The architecture, at first influenced directly by the gothic French (cathedrals of Tournai, Santa Gdula, of Brussels; the churches of San Bavn, of Ghent, and San Pedro, of Ypres), acquires as of century XV own characteristics, mainly in the land of the civil constructions (markets of Brujas and Ypres, city council of Brussels, Louvain and Brujas, urban helmet of Sorceresses, etc.). The Renaissance forms are introduced delayed by French architects, like Guyot de Beauregard, author of the Daisy palace of Austria, in Malinas (1517). The urban architecture continues conserving characteristic gothic (houses of Ghent and Malinas), with the exception of the great buildings, like the city councils of Antwerp (1561-65), and Leyden, where the flamenco Renaissance reaches its greater purity. The sculpture has its proincipales centers in Dijon and Tournai, excelling in the stature of ashlar masonries of choir and altarpieces, that are exported to everybody. In the Renaissance period they emphasized sculptors like Conrad Meit, author of the Daisy tomb of Austria, in the church of Brou; Jean Dubrouecq, to that must part of the choir of Santa Waudru, in Mons, and Jean Mone, that the tomb of Antonio de Lalaingen realises, in Hoogstraete, and the altarpiece of San Martin de Hal. The flamenco painting surpasses in interest, perfection and beauty to the other arts, obtaining universal height and influencing of decisive form in numerous European teachers. The call flamenco school, characterized by the attention to detail in the drawing, the wealth and vivacity of the colorful one, the introduction of the landscape and the interiors, and the representation of scenes of the daily life, begins to form in century XV, with the brothers Hubert, and Jean Van Eyck, authors of the famous polptico of San Bavn de Ghent, " The lamb mstico" , that the artists of its time they judged as the masterpiece for all time.

Signs of spring. Yes friends: there’s less, not just in a couple of days we enter the month of spring (at least for the northern hemisphere) and everything seems to change, both the physical and the spiritual. I do not know what is a consequence of what, IE: If our State of mind and energies are renewed by the change of air and arrangements that we make in the garden, or those changes we renew us. Anyway, I am convinced that people have a sort of life cycle that accompanies this spring reinvigoration of nature. Personally I’ve already started thinking about a renewal of my flowers; I usually avoid clarify (prune) too early in the winter, since I want to minimize the possible damage to the plant during late winter waves of cold, espcially if submitted late frosts. However, sometimes there are late winter or early spring that presented contradictory signals.Trees and shrubs of soon give buds fatter of which one I would have expected at the end of January, some of the raspberry canes may even be growing.

Suddenly some solitary white chime is in flower, but there is no indication of their colleagues, daffodils, that often appear early. If the signals are contradictory, beware: late frosts are the greatest risk and recommend postponing some tasks to protect plants and do not leave them so bare. A good idea is to amass a little loose bark, shavings, bark around the crowns and more sensitive shrubs foot as a measure of protection. You can in your area yet not be so clear these early signs, but it is encouraging to see the Sun when it comes out and you breath to renew energies, plan your crops, go visiting nurseries, thinking of enriching soil etc etc.

It can be seen on the streets of our cities, more and more cars appear. Evidence of this – traffic jams formed on main roads. People who have an opportunity to buy and drive a car, more often choose to use private cars instead of public and strive to make it easier – set auto sound, air conditioners and other equipment. This is due to people's lives and the pace when it gets need several times a day in charge between the different points of the city, which is often remote from each other and the presence of remote work, which pretty difficult to reach by public transport. Many people spend a pretty long time in their cars.

Therefore, it is important to feel comfortable being in his personal car, but an integral part of this comfort is the auto sound. Comfort in the car reached as a good, positive atmosphere and pleasant music and noises coming from the speakers. If the pleasantness of music depends on the preferences of the owner of the car, a good sound depends on the system which is in car. High-quality auto sound is achieved when the sound system is installed correctly. Achieve a good car audio will help you highly qualified, knowledgeable experts in this matter. In the car service will help you not only to select the desired system for a good car audio in your car, and install it. When choosing a car audio speaker system for great attention to brand the car and its features. The same speaker system in various models of cars can reach various quality auto sound.

If one is using it achieved a good auto sound, auto sound in the other will be at a lower level. Service technician at the installation Autosound take this into account. Also taken into account by specialists and the client's wishes concerning the desired car audio:. The sound may be more bass and then with experts established a powerful subwoofer for larger low frequencies in mobile media, or vice versa in the sound can prevail only high frequencies. Car Audio consists of several components: the columns, which are located in certain places the machine to achieve the effect surround sound, cassette player, which is a central component of this system and a subwoofer for bass boost. Trying to manually create a quality auto sound in your car, you can not achieve the desired result. To do this you need to know not only the construction of the machine, but also the direction of the sound waves to achieve greater volume effect sound.

Simple and suggestions will prevent practical it with some dangers that intimidate to their capital. Next, the main risks and recommendations. If it is disorganized in the administration of the expenses of its home or, simply, by minim hurries at the time of an investment that is, can be threatening its resources. To learn the distinction between necessity and desire will be fundamental so that it begins to organize the finances of its house. Aside from feeding, house and clothes, the cats of health, security and transport, among others, will be added to this type of basic economy. Most of desires are directed to the acquisition of objects in relation to their material quality. For example, the technology implementation outpost in reproducers of music, computers and telephones, has abierto a new mercantile world within the consumer society. Threats added value that will have to consider is the way to make decisions.

Generally, if it is hurried or it does not grant the necessary time to them, its expenses they would increase of such form that will be difficult to him to control them. Under those conditions account will occur, to a great extent, if it is or not a compulsive buyer. Also, he is recommendable, before carrying out any type of considerable purchase according to his economy, to consult to different people with aim to assure so much the trustworthiness as the practicidad the product. Evtese debts To prevention way, the following one is an enumeration of advice simple with aim to maintain it remote of all class of economic crisis – personal: It plans his obligations by means of terms to short and long reach: it bsese in the money that it will spend to the month and, as well, divides equally it per weeks. Once it knows how much it can save, considers the amount by every thirty days.