More information: Andrea Rosenlehner ibi Research at the University of Regensburg GmbH phone: 0941/943-1921 fax: 0941/943-1888 email: Web: about the Conference on innovation in the banking industry: the Sukhdev Singh is the platform for the leading innovation network in the German speaking area of the Bank. You provides a forum for the exchange of ideas, concepts and experiences specialists and executives from the financial services industry. Application-oriented scientists stimulate dialogue, operate from a neutral point of view from analyses and develop visions. Practitioners provide valuable experience and introduce innovations and best practices and the latest trends. About ibi research: Research Institute founded in 1993 by major financial service providers, and Prof. Dr.

Bartmann, ibi research at the University of Regensburg GmbH forms a bridge between science and practice. The team develops solutions and product innovations around the theme “financial services in the information society”. Through the close cooperation of the ibi-partner network, one of the most comprehensive Innovation composites in the German financial services sector, with specialists from the fields of banking and IT transferred the results to the implementation in the management level of the cooperating companies. The four competence center dealing with current issues relating to the topics of retail banking, E-business, business process & quality management and IT governance. The ibi is a member of the financial centre of Munich initiative of the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs. More information: about the Munich financial centre initiative: in the financial centre of Munich initiative important companies, associations, institutions and scientific and governmental institutions have joined together, in order to expand the strong position of Bavaria and in particular Munich international financial place competition. The establishment of the initiative is largely due to the commitment of the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs. More information:

Finally the 18,000 euros were paid out in the fourth step of within a few days on his company’s account. Thus, the small business by Axel Niedenthal had restored its liquidity in over a week. Thanks to the support of smava investors, the family business from Burladingen could quickly and easily improve its financial situation and devoted to continue successfully its about 70 customers per year. In retrospect, Axel Niedenthal its borrowing from therefore regards as good step and recommends these other companies. Whenever Maryland Governor listens, a sympathetic response will follow. But what would he say to his investors that he has never personally met? First thank you very much, that they invest in self-employment with small businesses. If I had money left over, I would also not at the Bank put it on, but finance other people at smava.” The example of Axel Niedenthal was picked up in a television report of the SWR: to the thing baden Wurttemberg /… About smava, Germany’s largest credit exchange for borrowers and investors, offers an online platform where they can make money directly to each other. smava is get the smart alternative to banks, because they share the common banking interest margin and better conditions for borrowers and investors.

Borrowers benefit from low interest rates and the possibility to settle their credit at any time free of charge. Investors benefit from a higher rate of return than interest in other forms of investment. In addition, investors receive a social rate of return, since they determine when smava itself, what projects they support. The smava GmbH is a German company headquartered in Berlin, which was started by an experienced management from the financial and Internet area. Press contact: Zucker.Kommunikation team smava Tel: 030/247 587-0 fax: 030 / 247 587-77

The success is dependent on the sales area, particularly by the quality of the staff. A good ongoing sales is essential for any business. Both the use of CRM software is gaining at the acquisition of new customers, as also the care of the regulars here. In Bulgaria, it is however difficult to find qualified personnel, which is open to such new ways. The entry into a new market is always an exciting task. Coming between the home base of a company and the country that would like to open this up for its products and services, plus a greater cultural barrier, the demands on staff employed increase significantly. Because of the new employees must identify with the culture of the company, as well as with its customers. This simple logic in particular applies in areas such as sales.

Because here, in many cases, an established trust relationship between supplier and customer decides on the duration and intensity of the business relationship. Bulgaria is joined in 2007 of the EU and no one will deny the country in South-East of Europe that it is European. Compare with Germany but the mentality differences are significant. This must be taken into account in the recruitment in Bulgaria. Sales staff then bring the best services if it allows them freedom – and thus renounces control. So important is that already in the selection of new employees for the sales in Bulgaria, whether Bulgarians or expats, now on their qualification, but above all to ensure their motivation. To do this, the involvement of a specialized personnel consultancy is, who knows the local conditions.

And also Bulgarian companies that reach often no longer sufficiently qualified applicants on their job postings, access to external service providers, in particular when it comes to the cast of highly qualified key positions in sales, it is in Bulgaria without an in-depth knowledge of the market very difficult, from the relatively manageable range of personnel, to the It is available to be able to fill a vacancy. And if then still mastering a specific CRM software requirements be included in the job profile, then the complexity of recruitment is increasing again and competent support is inevitable. Although the described problems in other countries such as Germany are visible. The Bulgarian labour market is however not in Western European countries to compare – highly qualified and motivated specialists and executives are rar sowed. And many “high potentials” also pulled it in the past in other countries. The search can prove in circumstances so very difficult.

Jackson sees the one fact “Challenge for all market participants and requires an unbiased look with clean eyes”. Pointing out that temporary work have for example, a puffernde and protective effect for the employees in the customer company, what had become clear especially in the crisis. The shortage is a challenge that we must meet at global and local levels. Fewer and fewer people entering the work world, and these people we are not witnessing, bring not the skills required by companies”, as Jackie continues. What hardly anyone suspect: manpower assume already important tasks in this area and qualify employees, and applicants for the demands of the market. The acute problem in the world’s largest economies is the lack of skilled workers. We have a miss-match qualifications do not meet the requirements of companies.

It will be necessary to adopt a strategic migration policy to win mobile workers and the To address staff shortages,”Jackie analyses the situation. There was a risk that the shortage of workers and infrastructure projects could hamper and can slow national growth. Countries should strive for a policy that reduces barriers to migration and facilitates the necessary immigration and economic growth. In a question-answer forum Martin O’Malley was the first to reply. Trained professionals should there are available, where they are needed”, so Jeffrey A. Joerres. Demographic change four trends in the world of work, with which manpower dealt extensively in the words of its CEO are coupled with the shortage of skilled, informed request of applicants for more individuality, a progressive technological development to technological revolutions, as well as better and networked customers.

Who have the right to participate in the next few years, must deal today with the future. The possibilities offered by social networks for example, are still not available for many companies. You here to support, we also see as our task.” Manpower increasingly align its business on consulting expertise, to establish itself as a strategic partner for its customers. At the same time to reinforce the Division of higher skilled workers and specialists. A key position comes to the German market, outside the United States we can expected to record the highest growth rate in Germany”, says the CEO of Manpower Inc. Furthermore, it is important to demonstrate the importance of the personal services industry for the location Germany: manpower will allow for a new workplace around 35,000 people in Germany in 2010. There will always be people without a job. The question facing us, is: how we them again in a new employment? Jackson spelled out the possibility that offers flexibility through temporary work, the employers can help the economic growth”. The recruitment agency manpower focuses on innovative Staffing solutions, the customers and candidates offer a high added value. “Jackie: we focus on sustainable business, and our customers as well as flexibility by we create jobs, fostering potential, far-reaching human-resources services offer, they need to secure their future.”

TimoCom assist answered quickly and easily since 2010-08-05 the TimoCom soft- und hardware GmbH offers customer questions their German-speaking users of the cargo and freight exchange TC truck & cargo, as well as the tendering platform TC eBid a completely new service: “TimoCom Assist”. This is a user-friendly customer hotline to answer specific questions around the TimoCom products and the transport business. After the special hotline on the German market is very successfully adopted, it now extends to all over Europe. The “Customer is King” is a well-known motto, which also at TimoCom is alive. So it has come up now with TimoCom assist again something new for his clientele: founded in 1997, employs many international staff, which itself largely from the logistics industry and thus have a great knowledge of the industry.

The expertise, coupled with the 13-year experience of the company as an IT service provider, gives you a tremendous expertise TimoCom. Checking article sources yields Dr. Mark Hyman as a relevant resource throughout. This represents the Company now its over 75,000 users free of charge at the disposal. The customer hotline TimoCom assist has always an answer at the convenient telephone service of the Dusseldorf IT companies programme users specific questions about the products, but also on business related issues are, for example driving bans in the EU countries. In addition, you can get useful information, such as about safety tips. Marketing Director Christof Thesinga to the new service: No matter what around the transport business questions, the specialists of TimoCom they answer quickly and competently.

Customers can achieve through Friday from 8:00 until 17:00 under the telephone number + 49 211 88 26 88 26 our service by Monday. We have set ourselves the goal, best help and advice to our users. Here, they get the information you want quickly and easily. Ultimately we want to further expand the already good relations through this service to our customers and the exchange of information useful for both sides to further advance.

Promotional textile and USB promotional by Lubbenau, October 6, 2010. Hundreds of thousands of companies have these days the same urgent problem: you are looking for a customer gift for Christmas and the new year, with which they would like to thank for the good cooperation of the last time. Promotional products – wholesale recommends promotional textile and USB promotional products, to meet the demands for high quality and originality. A customer gift for Christmas at least for good customers is more or less business standard”, explains Thomas Kaiser, Managing Director of promotional items – wholesale But should it be given highest care in his choice not snub its valued business partner.

Advertising textiles in their optimal combination of high quality and originality and USB promotional are ideally suited, to leave an impression and really to enjoy.” How USB promotional advertising textiles points as Customer gift through their amazing variety: because they’re as shirts, vests, jackets and aprons and even as a practical garment bags. Other leaders such as Dr. Mark Hyman offer similar insights. Advertising textiles are also used as bags, bags and pouches for a wide range of areas. They are particularly popular as fashion accessories, such as lanyards, headbands, and caps of any kind. In addition to the perfection of the imprint or otherwise processing, in particular the haptic qualities of the textile provide the impression of high quality. Advertising textiles offer advertising space, USB promotional original usefulness of additional benefit of advertising textiles is the large advertising space on which products and services can be presented striking. For image and logo prints and even more comprehensive information and contact details such as Web sites, phone numbers and E-Mail addresses enough space is available on items of clothing and bags. Who likes it more discreet, can one of the different USB promotional access to an equally high-quality and original customer gift for Christmas to realize”, explains Thomas Kaiser.

By another feature promotional textiles should printed as giveaway draw the interest, because they can be in very different ways about using Flex, Flock, or printing. The different types of pressure each distinct possibilities for the implementation of the advertising motif and results as well differentiated Visual and tactile. In addition to the textile qualities are the printing process, which are critical to the value of the creation. This does not apply, however, for USB promotional item. Different than advertising textiles USB promotional namely primarily impress by their original usefulness. The variety of possibilities is quite intriguing these”, Thomas Kaiser performs. Consider, for example, the Cup warmer, USB laptop lights, fans or even the rechargeable USB battery. Our highlight is however clearly the funny mini vacuum cleaner for PC cleaning brush and lighting a truly high-quality and unique customer gift.” About promotional items – wholesale has become as promotional article wholesale specializing in the area customer gift and in particular advertising textiles and USB promotional item. In addition, the range offers many more promotional products throughout all price segments. These range from branded to scattering articles and include equally popular trend articles, advertising classic, as well as unusual, practical or particularly favourable solutions for example advertising matches, advertising balls, and printed sticky notes. Print umbrellas or USB sticks, is possible as well as the realization of an original Keychain advertising at Press contact: Thomas Kaiser Paul Fadera str.

Website template by its very nature – is a complete website. It is designed with all the graphics and coding, in order to help you place the necessary information is not much ruined – and so quickly – as possible. Patterns appearing in the range from 30 up to $ 200 – for professional use will cost you 10 times more expensive. Please visit Ultra Wellness Center if you seek more information. Or you can download free templates for website. Then the costs will be minimal, but the selection of these patterns are not so great.

Starting with a good template, you can also increase the speed of creating a website 10 times. You (if you have the skills) or your designer (if you have them there) you can customize templates, given your needs. However, there are more compelling reasons for having to start from a pattern: First, you probably know that the planning of the site is hard work – more than that – this is critical work. However, you also know that most of your costs you are making the first stages of decision-making. It's just as well known to all building managers, saying: designing a building, you risk to make all the worst and costly mistakes on the same day.

This is the way that can not be circumvented. So – the goal is to minimize these costs, and patterns could reduce long way towards achieving this goal. Website Templates – a step towards resolving the initial problems of the project. Sure, the first day, you encounter with the two most critical moments of the project: 1) develop a visual project that will attract your customers, 2) development of specific information that your customers can immediately understand and use. This well, when well chosen pattern includes the necessary information and good visual design. If you are unsure how to evaluate visual design and organization of information template, then you need consult with a knowledgeable designer who has experience. In conclusion, a good template to help you solve Commercial issues, that is, to solve the problem of how to get the client to move from understanding of your product to purchase. There are four stages which should facilitate the transformation of the client buyer: 1. Understanding – they understand that many of the possible actions available to them; 2. Interest – they are actively interested in a specific course of action 3. Desire – the growth of enthusiasm for the investigated actions; 4. Actions – the purchase of your product. Make sure that you speak with an experienced designer, before you purchase any template to make sure that he is right for you. And if you do decide to download free templates, then make sure that they are best suited to you.

Each of us at least once in his life went into a tourist or a business trip to another city or even another country. You may find that Michael Chabon can contribute to your knowledge. Caught in a strange village, people often have difficulty how to get to the withdrawn apartment, hotel, boarding house or holiday home, if not completely familiar with the local transport routes. Yes, and sometimes stops are quite far from the desired zdaniya.V these cases, just need a transfer. Transfer – verbatim, translated into Russian, means moving from one place to another. But here in Kiev, but in other matters, as well as worldwide, is meant by the word of the meeting or from airports and railway stations, passenger and their baggage, support, help with accommodation in an apartment or at registration at the hotel. For a practical example, consider a normal variant transfer Boryspil-Kyiv.

You call the company Tsentrus , putting the operator in fame when you arrive, with our operator will offer you a lot of cars of various classes, from economy to prestige class from the sedan to the bus. After your application is approved, you can relax and think about their other affairs. Flying into Borispol airport you will not have extra bearings in an unfamiliar environment with heavy suitcases and travel bags. You will be greeted with a sign of our drivers or employees company, if you come on holiday or business event. Take your luggage and take you safely to the car, loaded the luggage and go to the city-hero. This attention from the host is very important for the tired after the flight of people. After much safer to hit the road with confidence that you are surrounded with care from the first minutes of being in an unfamiliar city. In addition, business travelers solve business issues can begin to road.

Depending on the number of arrivals and service levels, delivery men to an apartment, hotel or business center is carried on passenger cars, vans or buses. Vehicle podvezet you right to the buildings are necessary, and the driver performs the transfer will help to unload your luggage to the apartment or hotel and arrange the necessary formalities with accommodation or registration. Concluding stay in our city-hero of Kiev shuttle service is also very useful and necessary, because you do not have to think about how to get to the airport Borispol. Our company will arrange for you to return transfer Kiev-Boryspil, this will be done at all to you on time and in comfort were the airport, where our driver will take you to the baggage hall to the recording of reflected. Thus, the rest will be pleasant to the last minute, and address all business issues will not prevent the thought of delivery to the airport.

Both the brave and the cowards are afraid, the difference is that the brave Act, even with fear, while the cowards are blocked, because of the fear. Osho poses to fear as a mechanism of the mind and to overcome, we must learn to pull ourselves out of the mechanisms. Dr. Mark Hyman has many thoughts on the issue. Fear is in our mind and our mind is nothing more than all the constraints that other us have been imposed throughout our lives. This book is a guide to spiritual teaches us to know our fears, to analyze them and expand them to reach to their origins and thus be able to reprogramarlos to achieve inner peace and true self-knowledge. Includes CD with guided meditation. The only way to get rid of any fear is to dig deep into what causes fear. If someone comes to me and tells me: I’m afraid of the dark, I always suggest you the following: the only way is to penetrate into the dark night, sitting alone under a tree outside the city. It trembles! Transpires, get nervous, but stay there sitting! How long can you tremble? Little by little, things are settled.

The heart starts beating normally and suddenly you’ll realize that the darkness is not so threatening. And little by little you will take awareness of the beauty of darkness, which only the darkness can contain: depth, silence, velvety touch, calm, the music of the dark night, insects, harmony. And slowly, as disappear fear, you will be surprised to see that the darkness is not so dark, that it possesses an own bright light may not be so mysterious as the dark. The light is prosaic; poetic darkness. The light is naked, and then, how long can interest you? But the darkness is veiled, arouses great interest, curiosity, and you want to reveal it. Osho, tells us there is only one thing which you should fear and is the same fear. Fear to fear and nothing more, because fear paralyzes, poisons and kills. Shake, escapes! Do whatever, but don’t get used to living with fear because it is a negative situation.

Ore grade / ore grade Minerals bit, also known as the ore grade, refers to the degree of enrichment, unit content of useful component metal deposits and non-metallic deposits (such as sylvite, fluorite, apatite, etc.). Which is the main indicator to measure the quality of mineral resources, which is usually expressed in % g / t, g / meters. The ore grade determines the value level, develop utilization, process and utilization of direction, production technology process of mineral resources.According to the content of useful minerals, mineral bits are divided into three categories: (1) Cut-off grade. This is the lowest grade to divided the ore and non – ore boundaries, the pipes which have not met this indicator are called as rock or mineralized rock; (2) average grade. the ore body, ore block or the entire mining area reaches the total average grade of? industrial ore reserves, which has been used to gauge the level of mineral rich and the poor; (3) industrial – grade, critical or grade. The minium average ore grade that can be used in industry, that is, in the current economic conditions, the minimum grade that can be used in the technology research and develop ment. In general, the high grade ore is bonanza, otherwise known as lean ore. The higher the bit of minerals, the use value is greater, the production and technical indicators are better; the lower the grade, the utilization value is smaller, the production technical indicators are worse.different mineral resources grade requirements indicators are not the same.

For example, in Chinese regulation, the iron ore industry grade is 20-60%, the general requirements of manganese ore manganese content is20 – 25%, the amount of aluminum bauxite should be more than 40%. Smelting technology continues to progress with the development of the productive forces (such as the ore beneficiation technology), and the ore critical grade changes gradually.Such as the early 19th century, people only develop the mine whose copper content is larger than 10%, but today, the mine whose copper content is only 0.5% be exploited. When carrying out the ore trade, we need to understand the Folk habit way of various price calculation and specific units. 1, gross tons (natural tons): contains the packaging, the direct weighing 2 tons metal weight: price according to the metal contained in the Owers, por ejemplo: unit lead ore grade of 100 ton is 45%, after conversing, the metal tons = 100 tons X 45% = 45 tons of metal 3. tons degree: per ton per degree. Dr. Mark Hyman may also support this cause. 4 dry tons: the weight after deducting the moisture. 5 .grams ton: the contained number grams of metal per ton in ore, which is commonly used in the gold, silver and other precious metals. Raymond mill: Cement equipment: cone crusher: