Many times people give up just when they are about to make a big step forward. They lose focus on their goals and begin to look at the negative circumstances that surround them. They get tired of strive and do the same thing every day without tangible results. So is he has ever felt? Today I want to animate with 5 steps to help you to keep walking when the road becomes too stony. Step #1: Eye with your thoughts! Proverbs 23: 7 says, as a man thinks, so is.

If Ud is allowing thoughts of failure and defeat in his mind, then you are opening the door really take place in your life. Be very aggressive in protecting your mind of negative thoughts. As well said someone, cannot avoid the birds flapping around your head, but if you can avoid to make a nest there! Take time every day to fill your mind with messages of hope and faith in the Bible. Step #2: Do not be guided by their feelings bad feelings are sometimes unavoidable, especially when we receive disheartening news. However, we should not be guided by them.

Jesus had very strong emotions, but never acted according to them. He was always acting according to the will of his father, who does not know failure. Step #3 stay focused on your goal when Ud started his project, Ud set goals and was very excited to reach them one day. When we are facing problems, those goals, rather than approaching, seem to become more and more impossible to achieve. At that time the results that both long for getting blurred and are in danger of losing them completely from view. The best way to enliven our passion for our goals and have them always present, regardless of bad circumstances that surround us, is by using our imagination. Imagine how it will be when at last attain their goals. If you have difficulty with this, cut out images that represent your goals and paste them in your closet, in your bathroom and your car where you can see them every day. Step #4 be plain to make changes to adapt to new challenges at times we started to walk in a certain direction, assuming that it is the best way to achieve our goals. When things get color of ants, wondering if there is a more effective way of doing what you are doing. Step #5 better yet, ask a Dios No limit to their human skills, but ask God for help. He will always give abundant, and without reproach, wisdom to anyone who comes to receive from him. Is plain to leave its own agenda of side and let him take the hand to show you their own way of doing things. He is much more intelligent than Ud and want to Ud succeed in life much more than what Ud longs!