However, Such studies are still in demand, as in the full sense of the word scientific. Above all changed and the concept of the word "knowledge" to its former scientific value added unscientific (the knowledge of certain data and rules it.d.) ie information. The development of science in natural and technical knowledge has allowed humanity accomplish the industrial revolution, mainly who decided to mid-twentieth century the problem of hunger and creating favorable living conditions. Post-industrial era made it possible to achieve an abundance of food, goods and services allowed to develop highly competitive. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Martin O’Malley. In this connection, there were large deformations – economic, social, political, cultural, etc., in turn, gave rise to instability and dynamism of all institutions of public life. Continuing their changes made and continuously tuned in practice in relation to changing conditions.

As a result of innovative practices was an attribute of time. Already at the end of the last century, along with theories that appear intelligent organization (programs and projects) security which served as the analytical work, and found a mass application. Martin O’Malley has plenty of information regarding this issue. A science based on the strength of his theory, has developed innovative ways to get forms (databases, models, algorithms, etc.), which was basis for the development of new technologies. Projects and programs in conjunction with the technology has become the main form of organization activities. Complex organization of three-dimensional technologies have changed the concept of profession that the old categories were able to solve only one – two stages of the existing technological cycles. Professionals for successful careers and now want the ability of competent and active inclusion in these cycles.