A seductive proposal is the excursion along the path of the sweet potato, which makes a stop at the coffee house, shows the brewing of old faithful. In this place the visitors will see how coffee is produced in the traditional way, resulting in a pure, worthy of any palate coffee. The Charter is also very well-stocked, has more than one dozen varieties of coffee from different regions of the world: Brazilian, Colombian, Arab, Cuban and Ethiopian coffees are some of the options that the customer can select. It also has a wide and varied offer in the presentation and prepared coffee that will please all types of clientele. Also, the ride down the trail the sweet potato has as one of its main attractions cave that bears the same name, where tourists can climb or take a bath in the River underground, but be careful with the darkness and depth of these waters as well as its cold temperature.

The variety of opportunities to scale ranging from trails singles for the common visitor, until some difficulty trails, for which it is advisable to have a minimum of experience and physical preparation. All along the route is possible to enjoy the gardens of ferns and a wild nature capable of pleasing any photography enthusiast. Similarly, the route of the Caburni is very interesting. Its main objective is to take visitors to know the impressive waterfall of the Caburni, with 62 meters of fall, a not inconsiderable natural spectacle. It is also as part of the excursion we will visit the Gallo House, home to the former owners of these lands, where it is still found one of his descendants. The Memorial that has been erected for the family, represented by a fountain shaped like gallo is striking. A curiosity is that he is says that the water that flows from that source has healing or medicinal properties, and your sign invites the traveller to try to relieve your tiredness and experiencing the benefits of their properties.

There is also a cafeteria that in this House offer soft drinks and fast food, with seats shaped swings reflect a very original rustic design. Also, part of the route a rock formation that mimics the trunk of an elephant, which catches the attention of many visitors. From it you can get a spectacular view of the entire area of butt Collantes. It is quite common, along the promenade, observation of black orchids in the heights of trees and find species like tocororo, national bird of cuba, and the hutia, characteristic of the Cuban countryside animal. Both species are protected by the local Ranger, which are responsible for implementing a series of measures to preserve both the flora and fauna in their natural habitat. Similarly, the walks to the Park the Cuban, which is surrounded by waterfalls and toilet bowl of crystalline waters, recommended for its medicinal properties are attractive. I note that the waters are too cold for a swim and there are different depths, so caution is advised In addition, funds are muddy. In it you can visit the ruins of a barracks slave, peasant huts, the jump of Javira, Javira reserve, among other attractions. To eat my retirement Creole cuisine restaurant is recommended, and if you want to enjoy a sunset there is a cafe-bar in the Mirador outdoor. The city of Trinidad and Ancon beach can be seen from the highest point of this last. The villas to stay are not of high category, however are quite comfortable.

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