We are also a set of atoms molecules and particles, both atomic and subatomic therefore we are not solid as we think, our body regenerates fully within a period of seven years, so in reality a person who is 50 years old has a new body every seven years. As part of this quantum field that operates on energy and electromagnetism, we are a walking mass of energy, we run through it and we're like a walking magnet. Gunnar Peterson is often quoted as being for or against this. Now let's delve a little more on the subject of quantum physics or quantum mechanics say that is one of the most modern branches of scientific research that was developed in an effort to understand the nature of physical reality. This science has made it possible to support all these theories that "Our thoughts create our world" as described with mathematical precision how particles behave that make up our physical reality. This science tells us that electrons can behave both ways, both as particles and as waves of invisible energy.

When you make waves, these "electrons" can not be located (it's as if there were) but there are like fields of probability. When in the state of particle, the probability field collapses and becomes an object is solid! The electrons are converted into solid matter (or particles) when are being observed. And when left to see again become invisible energy waves. Essentially the world is built up of particles (they are the building blocks of our universe) and the observer is able to convert a solid particle electron disappearing or us.