The system of distributing money among the unemployed who wish to become entrepreneurs in our country is a complex and multilevel. There are federal programs, there are programs federation, is the order of the federal support money local programs. The provision of grants to offset the costs associated with the organization of business and self-employment of unemployed people (as of stationery language called to help citizens in building their case), is regulated by many documents, which are difficult to understand. At the federal level, such documents are the first governmental regulation N1089 ‘On additional measures aimed at reducing tensions on the labor market of the rf subjects’ from December 31, 2008 as amended on 20 May of 2009, as well as administrative regulations for public services promote self-employment of unemployed citizens, approved by order of Health Minister N281 June 16, 2008.

The content of the above decision of the Government can hardly be considered useful for a particular unemployed – there mainly describes the order of allocation of federal subsidies to regions to finance various employment programs. Interest to grant the applicant can prove the amount of federal funding, allocated from the budget in accordance with the decree, – 12 maximum unemployment benefits (4900 rub.), ie 58 thousand rubles. per person. Administrative regulations – the document more useful. Knowing his situation, the unemployed will prepared to communicate with the staff of employment services, as already knows what awaits him. In particular, he will be aware of how to deal with them should talk on the phone (politely, informing in detail) as he laid wait in the queue (no more than 30 minutes), which documents will require from him, and that can cause denial of his public service.