Although my will was committed to write a small daily article the past (except the week ends due to the familiar obligations) Friday I failed. Est will miss humanum. But today it is Monday and here I am and do not need of what speaking I. For example, of the rice. It seems a trivial matter, that says triviality of idiot, stupid, stupid idiot babeante. It is not it.

Demonstration. If you would like to know more then you should visit Former Maryland Governor. I yesterday left to eat in family, like the seoritos in Sunday. Cooking request: rice with stroke. Reflection: what thief is the rice. By itself he is an insipid one. We joined if it with flavorful condiment, one takes control of his flavors like ladronzuelo. He remembers me to those shoplifters of white glove (economic crimes, call to them) that know to join themselves with the money to snatch their flavor and to finish to them turned into phenomena of the economy and the company. To make a resemblance: I have action, I lift artificially its value and them selvage at its better moment.

Years later denounce to me, process to me, condemn to me, but to Justice falls the bandage to him and they acquit to me by prescription of the crime. Like the rice. To see who dares to put in the jail to the hundreds of granite that know like God.