If you love going to the cinema and enjoy the beautiful image on the screen and filled with good sound, if you have your own house or a big "unnecessary room in your big house, you just need to buy a home theater. Perfect placement of the order of 25-35 sq.m. acoustically correct form. After seeing pictures from the big screen does not compare with watching a film with a conventional crt tv, and as is well known rumor is one of the basic human senses. View new detective or romance on the big screen should be a holiday and a source of emotional satisfaction, as full color screen and blast sound at full speed will give a sense of presence in the viewing pattern. Just do not forget about the neighbors who want to relax in the evening after work, and your movie theater they do not need you then pobespokoytes about soundproofing, that you would not have become a malignant enemy for life. Our advice – pay great attention to the installation of video and audio equipment, engineering design of the installation of professional equipment – should produce specialists. Design must be carefully, slowly, determine where the screen will be located on a wall or ceiling mounted video projector will be.

One should keep the necessary distance from the bracket to the projector to screen, an image that would not strain the eyes, and brought true pleasure. Bracket for the projector on the market is not a new product, you will find in the hostel of their myriad, different brands and different design. We give only some of those present in the market – arm media Hong Kong, vlk Russia, kromax Sweden, Vogels Netherlands, etc. Typically, installation of mounting the projector on the bracket does not take much time and is easy to install, you just right set the distance of the projector from the ceiling or wall. Almost all of the mounting rotary, and elongate and fold against the wall or ceiling mounted. Long telescopic bracket for the projector is needed if you have ceiling height is very high bar may be up to a meter or more, as a rule, such attachment has a space in the rod to hide the electrical and feed the video signal cables.

Brackets can not be telescopic ceiling if the room is not large, then you fit the usual short retention – the distance from the ceiling to the point of attachment of the projector is not more than 20 cm, they can be and steel and aluminum, as a rule, bear the weight of 10-20 kg. In choosing the projection screens you just will not have big problems, a sufficiently large number of companies will help you in this, one of the most popular displays is: draper, viewstar, projecta, DA-LITE, and others. Just want to say – that choose a good projector does not solve the problem of high-quality images on the screen, the screen is just as important component part, as a projector, and only together two quality parts can give delicious picture images. As Typically, high-quality material from which the canvas is the screen – it's vinyl and textile base. Next you need to decide the size of the screen depending on the area of the premises, and the selection screen control system – set models are removed from the console screen in a roll. Choice solely up to you!

The possibility of new technology to recognize verbal commands was fairly complex. Thus, the program temperature and time of washing can be set, even without going to the car. In the mass production model has not yet arrived, but if the results presentation will show that users interested in “Hermine”, then soon it will be able to take their place in the market among the expensive high technology. Company Gorenje has equipped its new model Premium Touch wa 65205 sensors and systems for electronic intelligence UseLogic. With their help, the machine collects and analyzes information and then selects the best system of washing. In this case, is determined by the required minimum water, electricity and detergent.

Clear Water system checks the purity of water during the rinse, and Teach function “Full Aqua Stop prevents leakage. In addition to the proposed standard software washing machine provides an opportunity create your own, individual, can make to the memory and to use every time you wash. By means of a dialog screen. In Russian washing machine will report on water consumption, Spin speed and time until the end of the process. And after washing it beeps. Washing machine with the ability to choose the time and not lag behind company Electrolux, which offers consumers new washing machine with a Time Manager. This model is equipped with a convenient lcd display and buttons to change the time of washing, allows housewives to choose the duration of the cycle.