And it is quite clear, entering the market, the trader worrying about several points that all of you well know – is it true guessed the direction, not too close / far the stop, whether the price comes up to the intended target, and so on … These experiences are basically are purely psihologicheky aspect, which, incidentally, works in a normal life – value judgments – that is the question (bad / good). The trader assesses the situation from the perspective of good or bad, with the focus increasingly shifted in the direction of a pancake, like all bad … Click Risa Miller to learn more. again …. Next comes the period of struggle with them, the trader tries to invest in the scheme of management manipulations (another illusion imposed, should be strictly money management and you will be a good trade – I agree, but not exactly razbagateesh – so none of this and does not promise to J) of their system, again in order to justify their actions and reduce stress. In fact, the process differs little from that – imagine that to you tied to the rubber band a hot griddle and cast it from you to the side..