Study shows: power measurement is a central challenge for data center operators food, November 30, 2010 as long as data centers have their energy consumption on the basis of an effective measuring method in the view, often enormous savings potential is given away. The market research firm Gartner in a recent study comes to this conclusion. Therefore energy-related operating costs in data centers currently are members to the fastest-growing expenditure in the IT sector increase by an average 12 percent. To counter this development, the experts recommend the use of intelligent power distribution units (PDUs), such as the power management experts Raritan ( For even more analysis, hear from Dr. Mark Hyman. To allow the accurate measurement of the power consumption, in real time, as well as the monitoring of temperature and humidity. Head of data centers can specifically plan and economies, the more information they have to their operating environment. See more detailed opinions by reading what Novelist offers on the topic.. The market researchers at Gartner to define concrete recommendations for IT managers in data centers: the measurement of the total energy consumption IT hardware, racks etc. to get detailed results in the entire data center. A leading source for info: Michael Chabon.

a differentiated measurement of the power consumption of air conditioning, because this is typically 40% of total consumption; the use of special energy-management software; the use of a professional data center infrastructure management (DCIM)-solution, to facilitate significantly the entire management of the data center infrastructure. As an appropriate solution, Gartner and others called the rack PDUs by Raritan as intelligent power-management solutions. Recently, Raritan has expanded its offerings in this area with the PX-1000 series. These devices are available from 396 Euro price. The energy management solutions of the PX series (PX-1000 – 3000,-4000 and 5000) includes modern measuring technologies and enable an exact power consumption measurement in real time, what distinguishes it from comparable solutions on the market. Used kilowatt hours (kWh) measure the Raritan PDUs with the industry’s highest accuracy (ISO/IEC deviation of +/-1 per cent).

The new PCE DSO 8060 convinced is the oscilloscope with multimeter, oscilloscope, function generator in addition to the multimeter is one of the most important measurement and diagnostic tools in the electronics and electrical engineering. PCE Germany GmbH presents the latest oscilloscope PCE DSO 8060, which convinces especially by the triple function. So oscilloscope, Multimeter, and function generator in a single device. The PCE DSO 8060 oscilloscope has a range of up to 60 MHz and a sampling rate of up to 150 m samples per second. The oscilloscope function is the Visual representation of one or more electrical voltages and their timing.

Also to the simple measurements of all parameters, this instrument performs an FFT analysis. Because the PCE DSO 8060 oscilloscope is a 3 in 1 unit, it can be converted with a simple touch of the oscilloscope to the digital multimeter, the various measurements such as voltage or capacitance measurement. It is a practical device, which suited is ideal for mobile use, as it with a large LED illuminated LC display in sunlight is legible. The transport tab directly on the oscilloscope the meter can take anywhere, where it functionally a large scope is not in. The connection of the test leads to the meter via the banana jacks attached to the oscilloscope front head. Third, the built-in function generator, oscilloscope gives the user selectable waveforms. Forms of sine, triangle signals or square-wave signals are no longer a problem for this multi talent.

Of course also this new oscilloscope PCE DSO 8060 through the USB interface can be connected to a computer and is continuously operated with a battery, for about 6 hours. This device is very popular with craftsmen and technicians, as they do with not 3 separate devices and save this space and huge costs. The oscilloscope PCE DSO 8060 was developed for quick and easy use and finds its application in the laboratory and workshop. More information is under the see link below:…