The Feirinha of fourth. It was hot and sultry, the sky empalidecera, threatened a storm. One more time it had much people in the market, especially in feirinha. Joo launched only one to it to look at fast, later he lowered the eyes and he read the poster of the price. – God helps me! he said, and he started to leave.

A pretty young woman of hair great chestnuts and hands, that the card passed, was until it and inquired amiably on what she could serve to it. – Obliged? Joo in voice said low, seriously looked at it in the eyes, showing great ruga in the forehead. He is not with you that I want to speak, but with the manager of the store, Mr. Patinhas. It was motionless in the way of the store, seeing to move away itself it, hesitated came back its occupation. Everything was in promotion in feirinha: pineapple, cucumber, orange, banana, vegetables; pilings up in sets of ten, all nutritional one and of good taste. Joo looked at to devagar for all the sides, later gave one adjusted firm in the parts, as to a rooster to full the chest, he straightened the folds of the pants and suspirou firm. He had many people in the store.

People of all type, agitated, running not to lose the promotion of the day, as if the same it was to finish in that instant, sacoleiras, stands trombando one with another one, sixth over the fruits, one baguna, but all there with the same objective. A young with malnourished aspect of who only feeds itself of vegetables, ' ' face of alface' ' , it took care of in the scale, it weighed everything: orange, tomatoe, pineapple and lived in ways the cucumber. Ahead of ' ' face of alface' ' , a sarcastic gentleman, had pushed its potatoes, as if the same ones were hot, of aggressive form, empunha in its gestures, certain authority, perhaps wanting to intimidate. But the malnourished Young was there stops for order, if not, ' ' furduno' ' he was really armed. We go to respect the line and the work of the wage-earner, my people! Joo of far observed been silent, its eyes ran the store in search of Mr. Of Rings, unites, Mr. Patinhas. Minutes if had passed and in that agglomeration of people, affections and sixth, he was the majestical one, all astonished with the scene there thought: ' ' much money entrar&#039 would go; '. Joo if approached and was soon speaking: – Since when they vendem stuffed lettuce of lizard? Mr. Of Rings one in such a way surpreso with the question, without hesitating, answered fast. You took lettuce with lizard? Then you must me money! It paid only for the lettuce, what it was of filling was not charged. Joo did not believe the nonsense, perplexo, heard without questioning, therefore he was incredible. It felt that it did not advance to argue with that face of ' ' ona' ' , it was better to withdraw, it would look a new dialogue at another moment. It left for the tangent, it caught the pineapple and its cucumber, weighed, placed them under of the arm and was even so. It concluded that, the river always will run of meeting to the ocean.