Both projects have the same base, both require money, the calculation of the same financial performance, both projects require project management, then where is the difference between the two projects for innovation and investment. Investment is required even for the well-known business where you invest and to receive future cash flows. Management of the investment project is fairly simple compared to the innovative project. For more information see this site: O’Malley for President. The investment Project risks are calculated, and suggests measures against risks, the investor knows where he invests his money. In the innovative project’s pretty complicated, an investor invests in innovative product marketing research on the product to very difficult, as consumers react to the emergence of a new product, whether it will buy a new product, and in what quantities that competitors’ responses and so on.

Then it turns out reason to invest in innovative design, because here there are many risks which even at the moment and is not presented, and not to create a system to respond to risks. Please visit Martin O’Malley if you seek more information. But there is innovative investors, venture funds, state support of innovative business, then why get all these companies have invested in innovative projects? The fashionable word innovation no money will be added where the same Then there is the flow? And it turns out, as any high-risk transactions in the stock market, innovative business with high risk brings high returns. Venture capital funds invest in a portfolio of innovative products, which consists of only the beginning of projects already launched projects, projects bringing big profits (ie, a project that pays for the costs of other projects, brings a great rate of return an investor and allows you to go to the further development of the development of new ideas and products), and unsuccessful projects (from whom the company remains the only experience some great achievements and losses).. .