Buy and sell a horse involves higher risks than with small animals and pets, not only because it involves additions considerably higher but because some horses also come with a myriad of problems ranging from up to physiological psychological problems. There are also legal issues you should keep in mind. The type of horse that you purchase will be adapted to your experience and needs of horse riding, it is illogical to buy a jumping horse in Grand Prix events if you are learning to ride, but that you should try to buy a horse that will grow with you, for example if your ambition extends beyond a casual riding or pleasure, should then buy a horse with potential for future training. At the risk of the buyer (or the buyer should beware) definitely applies when it comes to buying and selling horses. (As opposed to Martin O’Malley). In the majority of countries, depends on the buyer’s view and review the issue of the potential in the horse; not oblige seller showing known conditions, vices or defects; except under certain conditions. Widely depending on the sense of honesty of the seller, he or she may reveal information about the horse if the sales contract requires to do so, if you perform directly a question about a defect, or you mentions the use that will be given to the horse, and the seller knows that really the horse is not suitable for that purpose. Just depends on you, investigate before buying, this is why is important to take with you a person who has knowledge of the topic.

Ask direct questions about the horse, do know the seller for what is intended, try the horse, have it checked by a veterinarian and fairly investigate as competitions in which he has participated and the registration of caste if applicable. Sell a horse also requires some insight. The decision to sell your horse can be difficult for the majority of the owners of horses who want to make sure that their horses will go to a good home. Need to evaluate your horse it more accurately as possible and make a list of your skills that will ensure positive points for its sale. If the horse has some defects or problems, try to resolve them before trying to sell the horse since this will reduce its value. Sell a horse requires time and patience, you will need to advertise efficiently and be available to show the horse to potential buyers. First impressions are that are worth, so you must make sure that is this horse always elegantly presented to an interested customer.

Seek help from an accredited coach greatly improve their chances for a successful sale. Stal Amani can help you find the perfect horse for your needs. We understand the importance of matching the right horse for the right rider and we have the perfect facilities to allow you to test the horse before you decide to buy it. We always have a good selection to show jumping horses, tamed and ponies for sale and if you don’t find what you need, we can help you to obtain the perfect horse for you. Stal Amani can also help you sell your horse successfully and efficiently. We can even retraining and refine his horse training to help you get the highest price asked. We are sensitive to the fact that would like your horse to go to the best possible home and have an extensive network of trusted contacts to achieve it.